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Below is the next installment of our Reader Spotlight

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Below Is The Next Installment Of Our Reader Spotlight - Sport

Youth Jachai Polite Jersey , if you’d like to have your own FEATURED post, click here, and email me your answers to the questions, as well as a photo of yourself to s..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Jets StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Jets NewsYahoo Jets Team PageYahoo Jets ReportYahoo Jets Depth ChartYahoo Jets TransactionsYahoo Jets PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁旼ang Green Nation Reader Spotlight: vin.fodera New,5commentsESTShareTweetShareShareGang Green Nation Reader Spotlight: vin.fodera Below is the next installment of our Reader Spotlight, if you’d like to have your own FEATURED post, click here, and email me your answers to the questions, as well as a photo of yourself to LINK VISIBILE SOLO AGLI UTENTI REGISTRATI. I look forward to hearing your responses!Gang Green Nation Reader Spotlight: vin.foderaThe Basics:What’s your name and/or username? My name is Vin Fodera, my (very creative) username is vin.foderaWhat city/state do you live in? I live in Plainedge on Long islandHow old are you? I am 23 years old.The Miscellaneous:What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is “Do your own thing, create your own opinions, don’t mistake anyone else’s opinions for truth. If other people like what you’re doing and saying, then great. If they don’t, well who the hell cares?” Basically, it says to think for yourself, inform yourself, and draw conclusions yourself- but at the same token accept that others may have opinions you don’t agree with and that’s okay.If you could grab lunch with anybody in the past, present or future—dead or alive, who would it be and why? I’ve never really been one to dream of going to lunch with someone famous (not a great natural conversationalist, so I don’t know what we’d talk about), and I already regularly see all of my friends and family, so I’ll pick my grandfather who passed away just over a year ago, I’d love one last talk with him (sorry for the somber answer, but truth is truth).If you were stranded on a deserted island for the rest of forever, which musical artist would you be listening to, and which television series would you be watching? Easy one. For music Womens Jachai Polite Jersey , I’m picking a band that potentially nobody on this site knows called Streetlight Manifesto. They’re a ska-punk kind of band but they’re really almost their own genre at this point. Just an amazingly talented band. For TV show, the pick is easily “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” which I regard as the funniest show on television, and one that has 13 seasons worth of content.The Jets Related Questions:How did you become a Jets fan? I was born into being a Jets fan. My Dad is a die-hard fan, I’ve been watching the team as long as I can remember. I was born in 1995, my Dad got season tickets in 1998, so I’ve been regularly attending games since I was 3 years old. We had to give up the tickets a few years back, but we still go almost as often since 3rd party tickets are so cheap with the current state of the franchise. I started playing football myself in 2nd grade, that’s really when my love for the team became what it is today.What’s your favorite Jets memory? What about your most painful Jets memory? My favorite Jets memory is a tough one. I want to say beating New England in the 2010-2011 playoffs, but that’s too easy. It’s probably the comeback win versus the Texans in 2010. I was there for that one and that game winning TD was still the loudest I’ve ever heard Metlife Stadium get. Some others are beating New England in the 2009 home opener with rookie Sanchez (Giants Stadium was visibly shaking that day), the comeback win versus Dallas on the 10thanniversary of 9/11 was special to be in the building for, and that time the crowd got so loud versus San Diego that we broke the play clock.My worst Jets memory is easily losing to Pittsburgh in the 2010-2011 AFC CG. That one sent me into a real tailspin. Coincidentally, the San Diego game I mentioned was actually one of my most painful memories as well, because that was the game that ended my all time favorite player and idol’s career, that was the game that Wayne Chrebet had his final concussion.In your humble opinion, who is the most dominant Jet to ever play and why? Not having been fortunate enough to see Klecko and Gastineau play, my answer has to be Darrelle Revis. He was the definition of “dominant” for those Rex years.Who is your favorite Jets player and why? As mentioned earlier, Wayne Chrebet is my favorite player ever. I love an underdog story, and what an underdog he was. He was small, not very fast, and played college at Hofstra (just 15 minutes from my house). That knack he had for clutch plays, he just made you feel like, if he could do it, you could do it. My favorite player on the team right now is Jamal Adams, he’s just so exciting to watch and so passionate.If Woody Johnson handed you a blank check and gave you a choice to be a part of the New York Jets organization in any capacity, which position would you choose, and why? (It could be GM Authentic Jachai Polite Jersey , Head Coach, Quarterback, Linebacker, Head of Scouting, Waterboy—the sky is the limit).I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I am in any way qualified to head up any kind of football role for a professional team - player, front office, coaching, anything. If the sky is truly the limit, make me owner so I can sell the team to someone who is qualified to make those decisions. As owner, my first order of business is to sell the team to Gary Vaynerchuck. If owner is off the table, put me somewhere in the marketing department or somewhere in the personnel department where I can learn and advance through the organization so I can become qualified one day for a GM role.Mike Maccagnan gets fired after the season and Woody Johnson decides to name you the next GM, giving you one very clear goal: win the Super Bowl within the next 4 years. What is your strategy to make the Jets a Super Bowl winner? What is your strategy to build this team into a perennial Super Bowl contender? Well, since the QB of the future is already on the team, the strategy is to maximize his potential and foster his development. First order of business is to hire an offensive-minded Head Coach that can do that for Sam. Zac Taylor from the Rams has grown on me for just that reason. McVay gets most of the credit for Goff’s rise, but Taylor has been a huge part of his mechanical improvements, which is Darnold’s Achilles heel right now. To further that point, the Rams have really set the blueprint for what this strategy should look like. Invest free agency money into O Line for the immediate future, draft late round O Line for the long term future. Invest early picks in game changing offensive skill position talent and mid round picks into both defense and supporting offensive skill players, as well as using those mid round picks to trade for already developed talent. It’s okay to overpay slightly for guys in free agency when you have the cap space to afford it. This year, I think you have to target Bell, Paradis, and the top EDGE on the market. Then in the 2nd tier, look to add a CB and another edge rusher. I would also look to trade down in this draft and acquire some additional day 2 picks for this and next year. Hello? Is this thing on?Well, in each of their games this season, the New York Jets have had moments during which their sideline headsets briefly malfunctioned."It's been three games, and I'm not making excuses Jachai Polite Jersey Boys , but three times our headsets failed us," offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates said Thursday. "Not throwing anyone under the bus, but the button stopped working. We've tried to correct it."Bates stands on the sideline during games while calling plays and sending them through headsets to quarterback Sam Darnold. When the headsets fail, Darnold can't hear anything from Bates."Obviously, we understand that that can happen anytime," Bates said, "especially in New England."That drew a few chuckles from reporters, of course. The Patriots were accused by some teams — and, ultimately, cleared — a few years ago of tampering with headsets at Gillette Stadium.But, it has been an occasional issue over the years for teams in stadiums around the NFL, where they experience interruptions in their headsets. Electrical systems and inclement weather are the most common culprits.The Jets have had to work around those issues at Detroit, at home against Miami and at Cleveland."We've come up with a system and we tried that system in Cleveland and we had to call a timeout," Bates said. "So, we are still growing with that. But as far as the communication with Sam, he's extremely bright, he can spit out the plays."There are certain situations where we have wristbands when the plays are a little bit longer. So, we do that, we do a little bit of both. As far as getting in and out of the huddle, I think it's been good execution."Bates said the Jets test their headset equipment before every game, but the technology simply fails sometimes.There will be frustrating moments of static radio interference and others when there's nothing at all on either end."I've always said that it's amazing," Bates said. "I don't know how to do it, but I guess you can FaceTime people in China, but our headsets go out."Jets coach Todd Bowles acknowledged that there have been technical difficulties this season, but it's nothing new."I mean, it's part of the game Youth Wesley Walker Jerseys ," he said. "It happens every year. There's quite a few games that it happens in, so that's something you have to adjust. That's why you go over signals all the time, and you kind of move on from there. That's part of technology. It's going to be around for a long time, so that's not a big deal. We just adjust and move on."If one team's entire headset system goes out for an extended period of time, the other team has its headsets turned off, too, so that neither has an advantage."It's got to be out consistently," Bowles said. "But if one guy goes out and it sputters, you just move on and you play. You don't waste timeouts doing that."Aside from the occasional technology-related communication issues, Bates has been mostly happy with the way his rookie quarterback has performed to start his career.Darnold has been solid at times and shaky at others, which is to be expected. He mentioned that he needs to be more decisive with his reads, something with which Bates agreed."We've got to go through our progression fast, we've got to believe in it and he's going to continue to do that," Bates said. "Obviously, he's still young, but when he believes in his progression and he believes in his stroke, good things happen. We are going to continue to work on that. He's going to work on that this week, he's going to work on it next week and he's going to work on it the rest of his career. You can always play faster, no matter what year you are."Darnold began his NFL career by playing three games in 11 days, which is certainly a tough task. He has three touchdown passes and five interceptions, and his 72.0 quarterback rating ranks him 28th in the league.But by no means does Bates think expectations should be lowered for Darnold and the rest of the Jets' offense because the 21-year-old QB is still feeling his way through things."Absolutely not," Bates said. "Everyone is in the National Football League. This is a professional business, and he would say the same. He expects a lot out of himself and so do we."NOTES: WR Terrelle Pryor was added to the injury report after tweaking his groin during practice. Bowles characterized it as "sore," but wouldn't elaborate. ... TE Neal Sterling (concussion) and WR Charone Peake (hamstring) didn't practice. ... OLB Josh Martin was a full participant for the first time since suffering a concussion in the Jets' third preseason game. ... S Marcus Maye (ankle/foot), CB Buster Skrine (knee) and S Doug Middleton (knee/finger) were limited.

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