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Womens Skai Moore 2019 Jersey

The Coltsí season ended just as it began: in disappointment Indianapolis Colts Robert Okereke Jersey , frustration, and general helplessness. The team was thoroughly outplayed and outclassed by a drastically more talented Chiefs team, falling 31-13 in a game that was, despite an admirable performance by the defense in the second half, never close. The Colts looked like the 1-5 team they started the season as; they were uncreative, uninspired, and frankly untalented. The disappointment in Kansas City falls mainly on the shoulders of the offense, as once again quarterback Andrew Luck didnít show up in a playoff game, while head coach Frank Reichís gameplan was completely unsuccessful. No receiver other than Dontrelle Inman could get open against a pretty average chiefs secondary, and the offensive line, the key to the Coltsí playoff run, was dominated in the run game by a defensive front had been the weakness of the Chiefsí absurdly awful run defense throughout the season. On Saturday the Colts looked like a team that wasnít in the same class of Kansas City or any of the other NFL elites. But the good news, as every Colts fan knows all too well, is that they shouldnít be. As admirable as the teamís 10-1 run this season was, it was pretty clear this team was not a true playoff contender as much as we might have tried to convince ourselves otherwise. The teamís best wins of the season came against a Dallas team with an unusually inept performance by quarterback Dak Prescott, twice against a Houston team with an offensive line that would make the Grigson/Pagano Colts proud, and twice against a Tennessee team starting quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert, whoís proven to be terrible, and Marcus Mariota, who Tennessee should and presumably will be looking to replace in the next couple of the years.All of thatís to say that their divisional round loss must be put in the right context. As admirable as their run was, the Colts were lucky to make the playoffs (thanks to the easiest schedule of the past three seasons) and were lucky to be placed against a Houston team that they were extremely comfortable with. But while the Coltsí success this season can be seen to some degree as a fluke, the foundation they were able to lay this season is something to be incredibly excited about going forward. The post-Grigson rebuild is over for all intents and purposes. GM Chris Ballard has put together a young core thatís only going to get better Cheap Alize Mack Youth Jersey , has extra picks in the second and likely fourth round from the Sam Darnold Trade and the Donte Moncrief signing respectively, and has $100+ million in cap space that he could and absolutely should use recklessly before it comes time to pay Luck and the young studs from the 2017 and 2018 draft classes in a few years. This team has all the makings of a team that will be ready to truly compete in the playoffs as soon as next year, despite an absolutely brutal road schedule. This is a critical offseason for Ballard and company because if they take advantage of the plethora of resources at their disposal, those Super Bowl dreams fans had at times this season will not be far-fetched.So what exactly must the team do in the offseason? Letís dive in, position by position, as the offseason ramps up in the next few months.Note: UFA denotes an unrestricted free agent, RFA denotes a restricted free agent, and ERFA designates an Exclusive Rights Free Agent. LinebackersOn Roster: Darius Leonard, Anthony Walker, Matthew Adams, Zaire Franklin, Free Agents: Najee Goode (UFA)What They Have: After years of linebackers being the central weakness on the defense, the 2018 Colts not only fielded a unit that was passable, they fielded a unit that was, at times, dominant. Darius Leonard, despite a truly horrendous game against Kansas City, has a statistical profile that makes him, in my mind, the clear defensive rookie of the year. He was a true disruptor, something you rarely see from a linebacking position, leading the league in total tackles with 163 and forcing four forced fumbles White Marlon Mack Jersey , the top mark for any off-ball linebacker in the league, all in only 15 games. He undoubtedly has areas he must improve in; the Kansas City game displayed some truly awful run fits and some lapses in coverage. But he is the type of game-changing defender the Colts have lacked in the Luck era and, as only a rookie, should be a foundation for the entire team for years to come.Leonardís rise to prominence was perhaps not even the most surprising performance by a linebacker on the team. Anthony Walker established himself as a good starter in the league, notably dominating games against Philadelphia and Jacksonville. Walkerís improvement from what he was at Northwestern to where he is now is a testament to the work of Eberflus, a former linebacker coach himself, and Borgonzi. Iíd still like to see one more season of similar play to lock in Walker as a long-term starter on this team, but his play this year cannot be ignored. Finally, the SAM spot was filled relatively well by rookie Matthew Adams.What They Need: Honestly, not much. Walker and Leonard come into 2019 as clear starters, looking to build on what they started last year. A replacement for Adams could be found but considering how infrequently the team plays three linebacker sets, such an investment is not necessarily worthwhile. Najee Goode would be nice to retain as a reserve, and if the team wanted to spend a late round pick or a little bit on free agency on a strong backup, I would not be opposed in the slightest.CornerbacksOn Roster: Kenny Moore, Quincy Wilson, Nate Hairston, Jalen CollinsFree Agents: Pierre Desir (UFA) Chris Milton (RFA)What They Have: Kenny Mooreís performance this season was one of the big surprises on defense. Outside of his admirable performance as a blitzer towards the end of the season, Moore played like a legitimate starting cornerback, and will certainly go into 2019 as a starter on the perimeter or in the slot (the Colts nickel package, like most in the NFL, is now their base defense). Across from him, Pierre Desir was a revelation Marlon Mack Jersey 2019 , especially towards the end of the season, as he deserves most of the credit for the teamís fantastic performances against Dallasí Amari Cooper and Houstonís DeAndre Hopkins, two of the very best receivers in the entire league.Quincy Wilson had a bounce-back year after a disappointing rookie season, and though he should not be counted on as a long-term starter, he certainly has the potential to develop into a valuable piece as he continues to mature as a person and prosper as a player. After a promising rookie year, Nate Hairston showed why he was a 5th round pick. Jalen Collins was signed to a future contract after being picked up midseason and could conceivably get some meaningful playing time, but donít count on it.What They Need: The big question within the cornerbacks is the upcoming free agency of Pierre Desir. He certainly played well enough for the team to want to bring him back, but the design of that contract, or whether he is able to attract serious money from somewhere else, remains in doubt. Whether or not he retained, the Colts still need some talent infusion into their corners, and if he leaves, they need it sooner rather than later. If a guy like DeAndre Baker falls to them at 26, I would have a hard time passing that up. In free agency, a guy like Philadelphiaís Ronald Darby could be interesting, especially considering the relatively low price he is likely to have after the torn ACL he suffered in November (the progress of which would of course be factored into the teamís decision to sign him or not).What do you think of the Coltsí roster as a whole? What player would you most like to add in free agency? What position is in the most need of talent? Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter, @__AlexJacobson. The Colts boast arguably the best quarterback room in the entire NFL, but are they taking full advantage of the situation?"Coltsí general manager Chris Ballard has stated time and time again that, despite popular opinion, he will not trade away backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett unless an offer blows him away. On a team that appears to be two or three players away from being Super Bowl favorites, is holding on to a backup quarterback the call to make? Should the Colts try and get some value for Brissett while they still can?Jacoby Brissett was acquired via trade when starter Andrew Luckís health was still the main talking point about the Colts. Brissett started 15 games after Luckís injury and played solid football. Considering the lackluster talent he had, and the porous offensive line Womens Skai Moore 2019 Jersey , Brissett managed a respectable season, throwing 13 scores to 7 interceptions. He did have a mediocre 58.8% completion rate, however,and seemed to miss some easy throws every game. Brissett finished the season with a 4-11 record as a starter, but even winning 4 games with that horrible Colts squad was extremely difficult.After Luck returned to his old form in the 2018, Brissett rode the bench all season. He was a part of two memorable plays, the final Hail Mary against the Eagles when Luckís arm strength was not 100% yet, and a ďPhilly SpecialĒ completion to Luck on 4th down against the Dolphins. Still, Brissettís impact to the team goes beyond playing time, as he was always a positive player in the locker room and could be spotted in the sideline with a big smile on his face cheering on his teammates.Argument for keeping BrissettThe Colts experienced several times in the last decade what can happen when a starting quarterback goes down with injury. The days of Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky are still fresh in the minds of Colts fans, and it was not pretty.In case of an emergency, Brissett has the tools to step in for #12. He canít be judged solely based on his numbers from the last season he played. Having watched all 16 games, and studied tape on Brissett, he seems like the type of big-armed quarterback that can make every throw from the pocket, even though his accuracy can be inconsistent at times. With a vastly improved offensive line, and better weapons at his disposal, Brissett should be able to keep the offense afloat if disaster strikes.Additionally, Brissettís locker room presence canít be undervalued. He was the Colts biggest fan last season and his impact in the locker room could be a factor in the Coltsí mental strength after starting the season 1-5. Arguments for shopping BrissettSpoiler alert: The arguments for trading Brissett are much longer than the arguments for keeping him. First of all, what is the point in keeping a 26 year old backup, who has interesting trade value, when he does not play at all, and will be leaving after this season? Brissett has just one year left on his contract and he has stated publicly time and time again that he wants to be a starter in the NFL. It is clear that the starting quarterback for the Colts is set in stone probably for the next decade Indianapolis Colts Eric Ebron Jersey , so it is highly unlikely that Brissett is tempted to re-sign with the Colts. Luckís health is no longer a question, and with an offensive line even better than last year, due to expected player progression from Quenton Nelson and Braden Smith, and also taking into account the bonus of continuity, his body should not take the pounding it took in his first 4 seasons, so why should the Colts expect anything bad to happen to Andrew?Brissett is not vital for the Coltsí success. He is the best backup quarterback in the NFL, but if your starter is healthy all 16 games then you have wasted the possibility of greatly improving the rest of the team, considering the premium value placed on quarterbacks in todayís NFL. Brissett will leave after this season, and, while re-signing him is still a distant possibility, even if the Colts wanted to, it would cost a decent amount of money. The Colts should try and get a return for Brissett while they still can. There are several teams that need at least a serviceable quarterback. Teams like the Giants, Dolphins, Redskins, and possibly the Bengals (given Andy Daltonís decline and his inability to win playoff games). A reasonable price for Brissett could be a 2nd/3rd rounder along with a late round pick. Considering the amount of Draft capital the Colts could have if they pull the trigger, and Ballardís ability to draft instant contributors, the Colts could place themselves as Super Bowl favorites. It would also be interesting to see Ballard draft a developmental quarterback to serve as Brissettís replacement.Overall, Ballard should lower the asking price on Brissett and try to cash in him while he still can. Otherwise, the most likely scenario seems to be that Luck plays all 16 games again next season, Brissett rides the bench and then leaves in free-agency for nothing.

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