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Century Aluminum Grundartangi Smelter Experiences Temporary Outage; Smelter Oper
Posted by tjdetai on August 24th Cheap Women's Off White X Nike Air Max 90 Shoes Light Pink , 2015

Century Aluminum Company (NASDAQ: CENX) announced that the Grundartangi smelter, owned and operated by its wholly owned subsidiary, Nordural Grundartangi ehf, experienced a temporary power outage yesterday. The outage resulted from damage sustained, due to abnormal and extreme weather conditions Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 90 Black Volt Casual Shoes , at an offsite electrical substation owned and operated by the national power grid operator.

The outage lasted approximately three hours and power was fully restored after approximately 12 hours. Plant personnel handled the interruption safely and no injuries have been recorded.The smelter is in the process of resuming full operations. Nordural is continuing to evaluate the full impact of the outage on the smelter, which it does not currently believe to be material.Century Aluminum Company owns primary aluminum capacity in the United States and Iceland. Century's corporate offices are located in Monterey, California.

Certified Advisors for the First North market of the OMX Nordic Exchange Iceland hf. for Global Depositary Receipts in Iceland:Atli B. Gudmundsson, Senior Manager -- Corporate Finance, NBI hf.Steingrimur Helgason Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Sepia Stone Shoes , Director -- Corporate Finance, NBI hf.

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Reverse Mortgages For Seniors: The Proa??s And Cons Finance Articles | April 3, 2008
The last thing you want new golden retirement years is to be strapped for cash and not be able to stay in your house.? With the saying stock market lower income, higher medical bills, and higher t...

The last thing you want new golden retirement years is to be strapped for cash and not be able to stay in your house.? With the saying stock market lower income Cheap Men's Nike Air Max DLX 2019 Triple Black , higher medical bills, and higher taxes retirees are finding it harder and hurt to get by. If you are a baby boomer considering retirement in the next 5-10 years you may want to consider a reverse mortgage to pay for travel, buying a separate second-home, or starting a new business. In this article will be reviewing the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage to help you determine if a reverse mortgage solution is for you.

The Reverse Mortgage

Basically, a reverse mortgage is alone against your current home you do not have to pay as long as you live in your home. If you own your home outright Cheap Nike Air Max DLX 2019 Shoes Black White , the banks will take cash of your home without you having to move or repay the loan each and every month.? You can receive the cash in several ways. The first is in a lump sum payment. The second is you can receive a payment each and every month. The third ?way, is the banks provide you a line of credit. You can manage the line of credit however you see most fit.

The Proís of a Reverse Mortgage

There are many positives to a reverse mortgage. Many of the benefits depend on your current financial situation. With the recent decrease in home values, you will want to consider the ramifications of a reverse mortgage.

Some of the positives are:

∑???????? You can keep the title to your home

∑???????? The cash is yours, you can spend it as you see fit

∑???????? You can sell your home whenever you like

∑???????? There is no repayment as long as you live in your home

∑???????? There are no taxes paid on the cash you receive

With a ?reverse mortgage, it is just the opposite of a regular mortgage. For once the bank pays you while you live in your home. When you die the loan must be repaid. Or of course cheap golden goose deluxe brand , when you sell your home. If you have significant equity in your home, and are retiring in your current home, this solution might be for you. If you are willing your estate to your family, you will want to consider the impacts before you go forward.

The other benefit of a reverse mortgage is that you can literally have no income and qualify.

The Conís of a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is not for all seniors. Some of the negatives are:

∑???????? Expensive. There are usually high costs associated with a reverse mortgage. Take a look at the fee structure before you sign up.

∑???????? There are limits. If your home is worth $400,000 or more cheap nike air max 97 vapormax , you can only quality for up to $370,000 on the reverse mortgage.

∑???????? Can impact your estate plan. If you are considering a transfer of your estate in your will, check with an advisor on how these plans might be impacted by a reverse mortgage.

All in all, a reverse mortgage is a great solution for seniors that plan on staying in their home, as well have? a need for the equity they have built in their home.

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