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boro cigarettes have finally accepted

boro cigarettes have finally accepted

As one of the most popular brands in the world, Marlboro has a regretful love story behind it. Marlboro created a filter called John Poor College Student, which made ordinary cigarettes, which were originally cigarette cigarettes, become an international famous brand because they lengthened the connection between cigarettes and people's mouths, which facilitated smokers. It is said that mixing Marlboro cigarettes with other famous cigarettes is really difficult to distinguish the special flavor of Marlboro. It was born out of the world thanks to the admirable advertising effect. Marlboro Cigarettes is the most memorable and sighing for the love story between John the creator of Marlboro Cigarettes and the daughter of the president of the big group, Sudan. Qian Jin, the chairman of the group, met John, 26, and fell in love at first sight. However, the chairman of the upper-class society and how to allow his baby daughter to marry a poor college student who just graduated, not to mention that John lost his father since he was a child, and there is only a dependent mother in the family. In such a family situation, the chairman firmly refused. Faced with the private love between John and Sudan, the chairman gave John the harsh conditions of earning $1 billion a year and promised his daughter to marry him. John was not frightened, he still loved Sudan. The chairman had to shut his daughter into the villa and force them to separate, and assigned Sudan Xu to the son of international commissioner Douglas, forcing the marriage to succeed. At that time, John worked for a tobacco company, and he fell to make a living by selling tobacco on the street. He eats and sleeps every day, and feeds himself and his mother with a meager income. Later, the poor life led to the death of the sick mother. He became a real orphan, still stalling in the street market, and being a friend with a group of homeless people and beggars all day long. When he was tired and tired, he smoked a cigarette from his stall to relieve his fatigue. How many times, it was included in the mouth, but the long-inch cigarette burned a bubble on his lips or burned his fingers in an inattentive way, he angrily cursed this love and hate tobacco, imagine As his love with Sudan turned into a bubble, he couldn't help feeling sad Newport Cigarettes. Johnís mind will always come up with a treaty that his father asked him to create an astronomical digital income. One day, when the burning tobacco burned his mouth again, he suddenly got a good idea. I can put it between my mouth and the cigarette holder. Make a connection between them so that the smoker can comfortably and safely inhale, without being burned to the mouth and hands. Do what you say, smart, he took the lead when others haven't invented this simple but necessary transition cigarette holder. He made the connection filter on the cigarette butt and wrote the story of his encounter with Sudan in the small advertisement column of the newspaper, and issued it together. However, what kind of business would be widely publicized for a small invention like his that has no way out of control. At this time, the beggar brothers who were together on weekdays helped him. These homeless people all over the city, some are time, some are diffusive. They distributed small newspapers as flyers and spared no effort to promote transitional cigarette holders Online Cigarettes. Ten pass, ten pass. Smokers who love smoking Marlboro cigarettes have finally accepted this new type of safe improved cigarettes. Today Marlboro is one of the best-selling cigarette brands in the world Marlboro Gold.
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