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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of artistic gymnastics men's rings final at the Rio Olympic Games here on Monday:

1. Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, 16.000 points

2. Arthur Zanetti, Brazil, 15.766

3. Denis Abliazin, Russia, 15.700

4. Liu Yang, China, 15.600

5. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, 15.466

6. You Hao, China, 15.400

7. Danny Pinheiro Rodrigues, France, 15.233

8. Dennis Goossens, Belgium, 14.933


All students who will be studying design is determining to are dedicated to home interior planning. It is a popular choice some of the students as it is often a thrilling career choice with lots of interactions with people. Moreover nike shox womens for sale , it can be evergreen industry which is not vulnerable to losing its market or potential. Whenever someone buys an innovative home, itís quite possible that they can require the services of any interior designer. Therefore, ladies demand for home decor skills. An outstanding interior designer can make your home a warm and cosy abode, great for relaxation from hard daysí work. If you do without worrying about the services of an interior designer nike shox mens for sale , who may be making very bad decisions and this can be too costly later in life. For instance, if you want to use bold colors in your family area then the way your furniture be? Can you use a same bold colors or make sure to slow it down in order to colors you should not clash? More and more that do not use professional design services before you start is only going to regret their decision later and get to correct their design on a more expensive than assuming they had just engage an enclosed design professional to begin with.

In home based interior planning courses, students are taught all relevant subjects available for designing real estate, such as balenciaga triple s for sale , wallpapering, flooring and creating space. Wallpapers are not preferred nowadays as it is not at all easy to get rid of it once it will be plastered on. Rather wallpapers, many householders are going for to set-up the wallpaper effect through the use of creative wall finishing like stencilling, sponging or faux finishing. These new finishing methods were made to add texture into the walls comparable to wallpapers however are less of a challenge to eradicate if you have a move of heart.

It is necessary more common elements of the course balenciaga speed trainer for sale , students in home planning also are taught the multitude of tips and tricks in designing an inside of your house. There are various tricks which isnít taught in textbooks but will result from a professional professional. For an illustration, if you have to create space in a tiny house, always opt for glossy, light colored paint with the walls. Mainly because light colors give more depth for the room whilst the glossy finish is meant to bring light in to the house. Nevertheless off white air max 180 for sale , if it is a large house not wanting to look empty, then contrasting textures and colors should really be used. Mirrors and paintings also are used a finishing touches to supply class in almost any home decor plan.

An advanced student performing all of your first interior design project, just remember a few simple rules and you will probably do alright. In the first place, no two houses are alike so you cannot find any chance for re-using old designs. Invariably you should originate as a whole new design for almost every project you are taking care of. Laziness seriously isnít tolerated with the interior design industry therefore is very embarrassing to present identical interior designs time and time again.

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By Jon Day

TOKYO off white nike epic react for sale , March 19 (Xinhua)-- Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is preparing to deliver a war statement on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, said Wednesday that he will take advise from a special panel that he has handpicked on the contents of his globally-watched statement.

But while members from his own ruling Liberal Democratic Party, namely Yuichiro Koga off white air max 98 for sale , on Wednesday urged Abe to follow in the footsteps of Japan's 81st prime minister Tomiichi Murayama, who, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the war's end, offered what has become an internationally-accepted benchmark for Japan's apology for its wartime atrocities off white air max 270 for sale , and have implored the Japanese leader to heed the fact that Japan has"not yet fully verified its past,"Abe is still mulling his options.

This is worrying simply because when it comes to historical certainty; incontrovertible facts proven by the greatest minds in the world and accepted by the international-community after rigorous, unerring and scrupulous inquiry,"options" regarding how to interpret such events do not exist to any right-minded individual off white nike zoom fly for sale , let alone the leader of a nation.

Abe said Wednesday, with regards to this year's war statement, that he wants Japan's history to be judged from a global perspective and not have the focus solely put on Japan during a specific time period and was questioning whether there were"other choices"that could be considered and if his"experts"could examine" how various situations developed over time."

The point the prime minister seems to be deliberately ignoring is that the wartime statement is not concerned with any other point in history except for the duration during WWII when Japan utterly brutalized its neighbors.

The rest of the world knows the details of this, the wheres off white air vapormax for sale , the whens and the whos, but it appears that Abe is intent on refuting this and revising Japan's official view to fit its delicate sensibilities and fragility when it comes to standing up, apologizing and saying you were wrong.

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