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We need to be able to store extensive notes

We need to be able to store extensive notes

Managing Personal Data In The Digital Age

Despite having immensely powerful computers on our desks Black Derrius Guice Jersey , most of us still don’t – or can’t organise our personal data effectively.

Perhaps this comment needs some explanation. How about an example? Today I called up for a quote for motor insurance and, like they all do, there were a million questions, like

“Have you ever made a claim on your insurance?” – Well yes, I was hit by an uninsured driver, must have been oh Black Da'Ron Payne Jersey , over 10 years ago now.

“Have you any penalty points on your licence?” – Well, maybe. I did get a speeding penalty, when was it – five years ago? I think it’s probably spent now, but …

How can it be that I was sitting in front of my PC and yet not have software in place that could answer these questions immediately for me?

Sure, we all know that somewhere, we have a piece of paper that should give us the answer Black Vernon Davis Jersey , but how often is that the paperwork hard to find or even missing?

So how should we go about storing valuable information?

Well, the simple answer is – there’s no simple answer. It also depends on what kind of data you want to store. We can consider “data” to be of several types and no doubt you could add to the list.

Firstly, there is entertainment, music, films etc. This type of data is well catered for in the software world and not really the focus of this discussion.

Secondly, there is what could be termed “static” data. It isn’t ongoing but a piece of fairly constant data that may be changed infrequently. Some examples of this type of data may be recipes Black Ryan Kerrigan Jersey , your address or bank details etc. Data of this kind can be really well organised using text files or word processor documents within the filing system on your PC. It is not an intellectual challenge to have a folder called “Recipes” which may contain another folder called “Beef recipes” which may in turn contain named recipe files.

Sure, you may wish to make a change once in a while if you discover an improvement to the recipe but the data is essentially static. Even so, if you wish, you can purchase software to deal with this sort of information, for example, Microsoft’s One Note.

Of more importance to most people is the management of what may be termed “dynamic” data – ongoing chains of events that are linked and follow a logical pattern. Again Black Jordan Reed Jersey , an example is perhaps the best way forward.

A couple of years ago, I was in regular daily contact with around a dozen organsations. In some cases there would be a single point of contact, and in other cases there might be many. All involved updates and changes to ongoing accounts and there would be frequent letters, calls, emails and faxes being exchanged.

Attempting to organise the information using text documents proved to be a nightmare. The number and size of the summary documents soon became unmanageable. If I knew that I had sent a document to a certain person, I would have to search the whole collection of data to get the details.

If you think about it Black Josh Norman Jersey , a huge part of our lives revolve around events – things we do or participate in and things that happen to us. Yet, you probably have no software on your PC that is designed to assist us with recording this kind of data.

When, for example, I am arguing by phone with someone from a company that is consistently failing to serve me, I do not want to have to keep referring to a pile of letters and hand written notes in my filing cabinet. I want to be able to get the information in real time whilst I talk.

What did I do about it?

Well, having looked for some software that would do what I wanted Black Alex Smith Jersey , I discovered that I couldn’t find any. Luckily, I was in a position to devote some spare time here and there and decided to write some software myself. Anyone who has the skills and knows exactly what they require can do this in a few weeks.

So, just by looking at a couple of examples like those above, I found myself able to provide an outline definition of what was required in a dynamic data tool.

1) Events

We need to be able to store data relating to events of all kinds including making or receiving a callemailfax, attending a meeting, having a motoring accident etc. In fact the list is endless so we need to be able to define our own events.

2) Contacts

More often than not Black Trent Williams Jersey , we will interact with someone and need to know who that is when referring back to the record in the future. We might also want to have full address and contact details for the person.

3) Organisations

Often, we will deal with an organisation such as the Gas Company or the Motor Insurance Company. Details need to be stored and, just like Contacts, we may want to store details of addresses, phonefax numbers, email addresses etc.

4) Dates

Naturally Black Sean Taylor Jersey , we would want to store information about when the event happened. Also, it might be useful to store data relating to when the record was created and when it was last edited. This can allow us to authenticate when data was entered and prove that we haven’t created false records of past events.

5) Text notes

We need to be able to store extensive notes (if we wish) detailing the event and maybe a separate field for storing details of the outcome.

6) Other files

The system would need to be able to link to other files on the PC that may be related to the event. For example, if a chain of events began by receiving a letter from the bank, then, even if we keep the original paper copy, we may wish to store a scan of the document on the PC so that all data is available from a single place. This file ought to be accessible from within the application.

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