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I do just a fashion watches few charms on my small bangles and I fill the mediums like I would a bracelet, it's nice not to need the clips on the clip stations. All the sparkle just doesn't fit with my style at all. Hi Carol! Oh wow, what a find! And in its original box, too. I am so happy today - the beauty and the beast bangle is out in the UK! I am too busy at work today to get out but that bangle will be coming home with me at the weekend! I have been such a nuisance getting my friends and relations to look for Disney charms for me when they go on trips, Im really looking forward to being able to go to the shops and look at everything myself. I was planning not to go mad with my spending but I'm sure I'll be able to stretch to the spending for the clutch bag! Hope you are feeling ok Ellie, enjoy the promotion! I may have to add the Brilliant Bow or the Brilliant Heart Bow to my collection, though I would have liked to see the the bow on the heart in gold, as I think that would have made it more elegant. My goodness Ellie, you are going to need another holiday after this mammoth run of Pandora updates! Thank you.Well, I already have 3 bangles and I said I wouldnt be needing another one but this Mothers Day release bangle is a must have. Love it! I also already have a cupcake charm and I didnt think I would need another one but this pink one is really cute. There are some more charms in the collection that I like but but will wait closer to their release date for your actual photos before I make a decision. Nice collection this year. From the 24th of June until the 27th of June, Pandora will be offering free leather bracelets with spends of over 75. They go beautifully together, and the lovely pinks of the murano really soften and bring out the prettiness of the gold clasp.

I still want the rose heart clasp for my blooming dahlia clips and dangle and now with getting the rose barrel clasp I have somewhere to put those clips on the rose heart bundle icon_wink.gif. Jewellery pieces are available for up to 50% off, and there's a great selection this year. The fading is pretty much unavoidable if you want to wear the bracelet regularly and with charms. I would love a Pandora Rose safety chain to finish it off as well, so my fingers are crossed that Pandora release one soon! For more details on spends etc, see the Promotions for 2014 page. Wow, to be honest I thought my BF had purchased me a fake charm for my birthday, but reading your article has reassured me that its genuine!I did give him grief as it was in a Pandora pouch (unlike my other charms), but he re-assured me that's how it came when he ordered it from the website!Anyway, I got him to splash out on a box as well (he he) so I can keep it safe (and not loose it) when its not on my bracelet.Thanks for the great article!S x I keep thinking about buying a pandora essence bracelet, fashion watches mens as they look nice and lightweight, which makes a change from the moments bracelet. Oh my goodness, those red, blue and green items are so ugly, I can't believe it.

I prefer to have a bit more chunky silver. The collection features bright, tropical colours, with orange and teal colour schemes. I only have a tiny version of the poster for this sale, which is quite dark, so it's a bit hard to see the detail on it. Entitled Crystalised Embellishments, the collection will hit stores worldwide on the 29th of October and features Pandora's typical mix of cute holiday charms and seasonal icy blues. I have also included some details on this year's holiday gift sets, so check for the end of the post for that.This preview encompasses the new charms and bracelets; to see the accompanying jewellery please read my previous Winter 2015 preview. For live shots, please see my coverage of Pandora's press previews here! It's available now in the US! I really like this collection - I am going to have to start saving! I have to get the Spring Bird Earrings and the ring is so cute as well, and I really love the Enchanted Tassel necklace. Today sees the start of the Pandora free leather bracelet promotion for Canada! Yeah, in some ways it's a shame that they defaulted to another heart design - but it is fashion watches brands pretty great! And I love the vintage styling of it, it does remind me of a playing card. I must confess I bought quite a bit from the spring collection.

Hi Ali! They cancelled the leather bracelet promo for the uK last year, and I've not heard anything about them running it again this year Maybe the Essence bracelet promo was meant to replace it. I'm also lusting after the Darling Daisy Meadow charm in Rose; the Love and Appreciation heart is also gorgeous! I'll have to see if my finances can take it, haha. The collection is heavily decorative, with few character beads, but there are some beautiful new glass designs and floral options that will undoubtedly look lovely in person. It's great that you're going to get the Essence bracelet! I'm really looking forward to the new pink charms, too, especially the paler pink of the Friendship. For something so small, I wish they offered the option of a 1 time $4. Pandora Valentine's 2017 Launch & Campaign ImagesThe most exciting event of the month is undoubtedly the launch of the Pandora Valentine's Day 2017 collection, which is scheduled to go live in most countries on the 12th of January. I'll be posting an updated preview very shortly, with various pricings and lots of lovely HQ images, but in the meantime, I have a number of sweet campaign images to share with you to whet your appetite for the collection! I absolutely love the ladybug! Never did get the plain silver one as I just didn't feel it did her justice! Am so glad to see this one. I have ladybugs decorating my house and garden. They bring me great joy! I will probably wear it on my red and clear bling bracelet. I also loved the charm that was bling and looked like a woven basket. Of course there are others that caught my eye as well. Wish they would have the dangle guard in red when I visited England last year instead of Big Ben. Can't wait to see them all in person! I was in two minds as fashion watches womens to whether to get that free Troll bracelet, can't really afford it after the Pandora sale, but that's made my mind up, I'll get that on Friday when my credit card's been made up and Pandora can whistle for my money until they do a better deal!

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