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Nothing else in pandora charms canada disney the new collection really appealed. I need to stop, before I talk myself into it! When you get on the site, you should see a Pandora ad on the front page that looks like this:The sale doesn't contain any new items, but the discounts offered this time around are at least 60% off every item, so you might get a better deal on a charm or bracelet that you were considering last time! Technically it's the same number of collections as last year. And lastly I always wanted the pink effervescence but don't like the "peachiness" like you say so maybe this one will be the one my heart desires lol Although it looks a little bright and I get the feeling it is going to lean on the neon side, which is nice, but not for my collection. I do hope that they don't go for baby pink as a colour scheme again though. Hi Lynn! I think the 21 pendant charm just has the 'S925 ALE' hallmark on one side of the charm, without 'PANDORA' being written on the other.If you're unsure, John Greed (an official retailer in the UK) have a really useful 360 degree view of it on their website::johngreedjewellery/women-c193/charms-c199/pandora-silver-21st-birthday-pendant-charm-790496-p25685You should take a look at how your charm compares to theirs Thank you! I was so thrilled when I opened it! The contrast between the gold and silver is really gorgeous, especially as the bangle is currently so shiny, haha.

I hope that they get round to doing all the big hitters from the Disney line at some point or another I'm also desperate for Thursday to come around! There are some pieces I'm really hoping to see The Ocean Life openwork is retailing for $75 USD. I have to say that I really like the shade of aqua-blue they've gone for with many of the beads in this collection, even if I won't be indulging.This new colour of the Radiant Hearts is another of my favourites from this launch. What a beautiful colour - like Caribbean ocean preserved in a charm. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere for this charm to go, and it's a bit pricey ($80 USD) just to get on a whim. But it is lovely! We have another little mystery in this image. I think the locket is interesting, but I don't really like any of the little charms for it. I'm glad the new leather bracelets will feature the spherical clasps, as the the leathers from last pandora charm bracelet online summer had the barrel clasps. Hi Ellie, I love this charm & ornament combination, but sadly the ornament option is not available in Canada. Ah, that's interesting - my clips seem pretty much to stay where I put them, but I haven't put too many charms on my threadless bracelet yet, though. The BangleThe bangle's clasp is spherical, unlike the regular Pandora bracelet; it is modelled on the Pandora Logo clip.

Thanks for the preview Ellie. I'm looking forward to your preview of the jewellery to go with this collection, I'm interested to see what there bringing out.I can't tell properly from these pictures, I need to see some better pictures and live shots to decide. From what I can see the ones I like at the moment are the row of hearts, fairytale bloom and maybe the ribbon heart.Hope we see better pictures soon. Also for some previews of the Disney and winter collections. I don't really have much experience with how flexible UK stores are, seeing as we don't have many promos like this haha. I have a cherry blossom and pink pave bracelet. I have the cherry blossom pendant hanging. I've been looking to add additional hanging charms. I think I am liking the butterfly charm. I cannot tell if there are cz's on the charm do you know if the butterfly charm has cz's?I am loving the pave butterfly also! I am very excited to see this collection in person! I am a new Pandora addict started in December 2013 working to fill my 3rd bracelet. My first 2 are 7.1 (easy to fill) the third is a bangle (7.5) yay! I'm so excited! The spherical clips with threaded ends on the new leathers just aren't doing it for me. Rapunzal's dress colours is very nice but i won't wear it personally because the princess dress charms look like they have been beheaded. I love all the pieces but don't know where I would put them in my collection at the moment. Oh wow, how amazing that you've taken her pandora charms buy online in! The poor little thing, where did you find her? Is there a shelter you can take her to if you can't keep her? 'Tippy' is such a cute name! And thank you! My little kit cat has grown so much just in the last week alone and is getting more and more adventurous by the day. I hope yours is on the mend now, and that she puts on some weight.I'm glad you enjoyed the review, Linda - thanks for commenting! I have a question about this charm - mine has an additional mark under the hall mark - a little cross! It's the same style as the Red Cross symbol.

Hi Lisa, yes I thought that the status of the summer leathers was fairly ambiguous too! This was what Pandora UK said when I emailed them to ask:"The green and blue leather bracelets which were introduced as part of our Spring/ Summer collections are a seasonal product therefore will only be available while stocks last and are now discontinued. Starting with the launch of the Winter 2017 collection, we'll be getting the Christmas ornament GWP, and then from 23 November, we'll be getting the limited edition Heart of Winter bangle as a GWP as well! I have heard of delays to some stores in North America, but not that they won't be getting it at all. ^^ What a cute reason to get the ice cream charm! I think I'd be in heaven as well, haha. SourceThe Inuksuk charm is another really interesting one, based on an Inuit practice of constructing figures from piled stones in order to communicate. I'm not sure when I'll be able to go and see all the new pieces in person yet; hopefully this weekend. Hi Karolyn,Thanks for the update. I just saw a photo of the bangle in a magazine and came to this blog to see if Ellie had posted anything about it as I hadn't received any info pandora charm jewelry stores from Pandora Australia. No doubt Pandora will send out an email next week but you would think they would promote it before its release. I buy their BC release each year and I particularly like this bangle so I will head to my local store and see if they have it in stock. Hi Margaret!Aw, thank you! Aha, I hoard books too - one wall of my bedroom is literally just a wall of books, Beauty and the Beast style! And there are so so many books just around.

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