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The New York Giants are trying to crawl out of a 1-5 hole th

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The New York Giants Are Trying To Crawl Out Of A 1-5 Hole Th - Scienze E Matematica

more questions about the team than it has answered. With that in mind Nate Solder Jersey , letís get to the Big Blue View mailbag for this week.Ed says: No, Teddy Bridgewater isnít a ďmust-haveĒ for the 2019 season. And right now Iím not saying Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert is a ďmust-haveĒ either. The 2018 season is in Week 7. We have no idea whatís going to happen. We donít know how Kyle Lauletta will perform if he gets an opportunity. Those things matter. That decision canít be made now.I get the fascination with Bridgewater, especially since Pat Shurmur coached him in Minnesota last season, but Bridgewater suffered a devastating knee injury and hasnít played a meaningful snap since 2015. No one really has a clue what kind of player he is at this point, or if he can hold up physically.When the offseason rolls around maybe Bridgewater emerges as a good option. Now? Way too early for that.Ed says: The Giants are projected right to have roughly $21 million under the 2019 cap, with only five teams having less. In my view, that number is pretty meaningless.First, we donít know exactly what the cap will be. Second, we donít know what moves the Giants will make. The big contracts they have to make decisions on belong to Janoris Jenkins, Olivier Vernon and Damon Harrison. I would expect at least one of those guys to be cut, probably Jenkins. Designating Jackrabbit a post-June 1 cut would save the Giants $11.25 million against the cap and leave them with only $3.5 million in dead money.Gino Phillips asks: Do you think the quick move to IR for Latimer was a statement on Giantsí evaluation of his value or more a chance to look at guys like Davis more? I am not aware of how significant his injury was.Ed says: I think the move of Latimer to IR wasnít any sort of quick hook for him or condemnation of his ability. Heís a useful player as a wide receiver, special teams gunner and kickoff returner. We donít know the severity of his hamstring injury Authentic Sterling Shepard Jersey , but at 1-5 whatís the point of carrying a guy on the roster for several weeks if he canít play and the games would be meaningless by the time he got back? This is part of why you get a parade to IR on bad teams. It actually gives the Giants a chance to bring in a player like Corey Coleman for what amounts to a lengthy tryout, or give someone like Jawill Davis or Quadree Henderson, who is on the practice squad, an opportunity.Henry Mildener asks: Can Corey Coleman return kicks?Ed says: Well ... he did that some at Baylor, returning 26 kickoffs and three punts. The last time he did it with any regularity, though, was 2013. He has never been asked to do it in the NFL. So, he has done it ó but itís been a long time. Maybe the Giants take a look at him there, but I really donít know if thatís the plan and I doubt itís the primary reason he was signed.Ed says: Honestly, I canít answer that question. Unlike BBV draft expert Chris Pflum I donít study college prospects now. Iím immersed in the day-to-day of current season and wonít do that until the season is over. Besides, how do you answer that question when there are 10 games to play and there is no way to know where they will be selecting and who might be on the board? Itís just waaaaay too early.[E-mail Ed at LINK VISIBILE SOLO AGLI UTENTI REGISTRATI or via the Big Blue View Contact Page | Follow Big Blue View on Twitter | ĎLikeí Big Blue View on Facebook | Follow Big Blue View on Instagram]Saquon Barkley tells Peter King he had doubts about playing football Since arriving in East Rutherford, New York Giants rookie running back Saquon Barkley has not only at times looked like a veteran running back Youth Kareem Martin Jersey , heís also gone about his business like someone who has played in the league a lot longer than one game.Surprisingly, Barkley wasnít always so sure about his athletic future. In an exclusive interview airing on Football Night in America, Barkley admitted to NFL insider Peter King that at one point, he had doubts about his football future.It was Barkleyís father Alibay who convinced his son to stick with the game.ďThatís when my life just kind of changed for me, when my mentality started changing, when I started really envisioning myself playing in the NFL and playing college football.ĒBarkley, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 draft, had a very successful three-year career for Penn State. He rushed for 3,843 yards and 43 touchdowns on 671 carries and added another 1,195 yards and 8 touchdowns on 102 receptions.The Giants have been intrigued not only by Barkley's running ability, but also by his ability to create mismatches in space. In last weekís game, Barkley gained 106 yards on 18 carries Youth Ray-Ray Armstrong Jersey , including a 68-yard touchdown run. He also added two receptions for 22 yards.Barkleyís budding NFL career might just be getting started, but already the 21-year-old rookie has recognized a couple of goals. The first was his buying a new home for his family.ďMy family had their own struggles before and thatís something that I thought we never really had,Ē he told King. ďWe obviously always had a home but had to pay rent. Now, my mom doesnít really have to focus on that anymore.ĒThe other accomplishment is that heís now in the Madden video game, a fact that has his father beyond thrilled.ďThe one thing that I am excited (for), is that my son is on Madden. Thatís crazy,Ē Alibay Barkley told King. The full interview, which will also include quotes from Hall of Fame Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith on Barkley, will air before the Giants and Cowboys kickoff their contest at 8:20 p.m.

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