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Kanken Classic Backpack Green Sale

Noah Mischiek was a bright Kanken Mini Backpack Sale , independent young boy. He had right hemisphere paralysis and was unable to use the right side of his body. Noah's paralysis was the result of an in-utero stroke that resulted in an emergency caesarean section. The full extent of his condition wasn't diagnosed until he was six months old ? after Noah's parents noticed he was not able to use his right hand. A quick paediatrician?s visit led to a long journey to McMaster Children's Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario where the family received the devastating news.

Despite his disability, Noah was always very independent and wanted to do things for himself. While his parents were told he would never walk, Noah demonstrated the ability to take steps, which came as a great surprise for many.

?They told us he would never walk. He's like our miracle baby!? notes Jamie Rolland Kanken Classic Backpack Orange Sale , Noah's mother.

At three years old, Noah started wearing a serial cast on his right leg to help him walk. The cast is removed for a day then put back on for gradually longer periods of time. The brave pre-schooler also gets Botox injections three times a year in the back of his right leg. The injections are to help relax his leg muscles that were damaged as a result of the stroke, with the eventual hope of Noah walking on his own.

?I'll never forget ... my niece got into the car and Noah asked, 'How come I can't do that?' and I thought it would break my heart?, Jamie recalls.

Creating Family Memories with a Wheelchair Accessible Van
PC Children's Charities help developmentally and physically challenged children. The charity donated $20 Kanken Classic Backpack Purple Sale ,000 to help Noah's family buy a wheelchair accessible van. The Ontario March of Dimes, an advocacy and rehabilitation charity also contributed $5,524 through the Home and Vehicle Modification program funded by Ontario's Ministry of Community and Social Services. Frank Kasm, Mobility Specialist at Liberty Motor Company, equipped a van with a rotating seat so Noah could seat himself inside the vehicle at the simple push of a button. Frank personally delivered the 2004 Ford Freestar to the family's home in Woodstock Kanken Classic Backpack Red Sale , Ontario on July 24th, 2007.

When Jamie saw Frank drive up with the van, she was very emotional, ?I just bawled my eyes out. Frank had put a personalized plaque inside the van ... it was overwhelming.?

The nameplate mounted on the van's dashboard reads ?Noah's van?. Frank and the Mobility Specialists at Liberty Motor Company have similar plates made for each child who receives a wheelchair accessible van. According to Frank, ?it helps create a connection between the vehicle and the people who will be relying on it Kanken Classic Backpack Yellow Sale , and with the plaque the van becomes their own personal vehicle?.
Noah has taken that bond and his relationship with Frank, to heart. Frank brought Noah a plush toy lion, which he's named Leo, because Noah is so very brave. He and Frank have formed a close friendship and they regularly speak on the telephone and keep in touch via e-mail.

?Noah just loves Frank! He gave us a lot of care and Noah has really bonded with him?, Jamie says.

Noah can now get himself into the vehicle and he wants to go everywhere.
?Even if it's just going to buy a bag of milk Kanken Classic Backpack Pink Sale , Noah has to come along because it's his van,? says his mother.

Mischiek Family?s New Found Liberty to Travel & Plan Family Vacations
Over two years later Noah?s family is able to take vacations in between trips to the hospital and medical treatments because of their wheelchair accessible van conversion from Liberty Motor Co. In fall 2009, the family travelled to Cape Breton on Canada?s eastern coast to visit relatives.

?The kids got to see half of Canada on that trip! There's no way we would have been able to do that without the van?, Jamie recalls.

Frank and Liberty Motor Company also made certain the van was equipped with a DVD player to help make longer trips much easier and enjoyable for the entire family.

?The kids love it! We use it every time we go in the van. As soon as we get in, it's ?can we watch a movie?? They?ve already seen Noah's favourite movie Cars several times?.

Now that he owns a wheelchair accessible van Kanken Classic Backpack Blue Sale , Noah would love to visit Marineland Canada next summer? and they just might do that, thanks to Liberty Motor Company!
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