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Why the Cowboys offense needs to start shopping in

Why the Cowboys offense needs to start shopping in

the big-play department Coming off Sundayís win against the Giants www.dallascowboysteamonline.com , youíre probably under the impression that the Cowboys moved the ball well, at least for parts of the game, and had a good amount of big plays.There was the 64-yard TD pass to Tavon Austin of course, there were a total of seven plays on 1st-and-10 that resulted in a first down, and there were a handful of passes that saw Dak Prescott going deep although he didnít manage to connect with his receivers. It certainly felt like there were a lot of big plays in the game.But there werenít.The Cowboys consider any reception of 16 yards or more a ďbig playĒ. Any run of 12 or more yards falls into the same category. And on Sunday against the Giants, the Cowboys had just six such plays, one pass and five runs. Thatís it.In the season-opener against the Panthers, the Cowboys had five such big plays, so even if it may have felt like the Cowboys were moving the ball better against the Giants, they werenít. At least not as measured by the number of big plays. Hereís how the big plays so far this year compare against the big plays in the last two years: After two weeks, the offense looks to be on pace to mirror the disappointing 2017 offense in terms of big plays Dallas Cowboys T-Shirt , and quite a bit off the pace set by the 2016 offense. Whatís even more concerning is the absence of big plays in the passing game. On Sunday, the Cowboys had just one pass that generated 16+ yards, and that was the TD to Austin. Even dink-and-dunk Eli had more with four passes that gained 16+ yards. Eli freaking Manning! Over two games, the Cowboys have a grand total of four 16+ yard passes. Thatís tied with the Bears for the second-lowest total in the league, just ahead of completely inept Cardinals offense. Somewhat of a saving grace for the offense: they have seven runs of 12+ yards, tied for third-most in the league. Combined, that gives the Cowboys 11 big plays, which is tied for 22nd in the league. The Cowboys are a run-heavy team, but that doesnít mean the offense can get by without some kind of vertical game.But the absence of big plays canít simply be fixed by saying, ďletís have more big plays!ĒThe Cowboysí coaches have to call plays that allow for big plays in the passing game, the receivers have to run deeper routes Dallas Cowboys Hats , and even more importantly, they have to get open on those deeper routes. If they donít, Dak Prescott will default to short, safe completions at the cost of the deep ball.And if the current starters canít get the separation the offense needs, perhaps itís time give more targets to players that can get that separation. The Dallas Cowboys went on the road and the offense looked nothing like the unit that hung 40 points on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Washington dominated the Cowboys offensive line, and it wasnít even from an overload of blitzes. The Cowboys offensive line committed three holding penalties and an illegal chop block ending drives and putting the team behind the chains. Dak Prescott didnít help matters when he fumbled the ball twice, once after picking up a first down on a fourth down attempt, and then the killer turnover when he lost track of where he was and turned into the endzone and was strip-sacked for a Washington touchdown.The Cowboys offensive line is struggling on the road, and in this game they gave the team no real chance. Ezekiel Elliott ended the first half with 13 rushing yards on 10 attempts. When you have a running back of the quality of Zeke, that is certainly a failure of the offensive line to open lanes. It didnít get much better in the second half as Zeke ended the game with 34 yards on 15 carries.It was symbiotic failure between the offensive line and Prescott. You have to shift the majority of the blame on the offensive line. The failure to establish a run game made the offense truly one-dimensional. Dak Prescott is not the kind of quarterback who functions well in a one-dimensional offense. We have seen he canít really put a team on his shoulders in the passing game. The result was an offense that staggered its way to 17 points. It didnít help that the team gave up four sacks on the day along with numerous other pressures.Dallas has spent so much on their offensive line. Itís the backbone of what they do, and itís not working. At least itís not working on a consistent basis. Itís not just the interior where Travis Frederick is missing. Itís true that the holding call on Connor Williams was a huge play in the game as it wiped out a first down catch and led to Prescott fumbling in the end zone on the very next play. But you have to talk about the play of the tackles. Tyron Smith is struggling with speed rushes. He is no longer in the conversation as the best left tackle in the game. Laíel Collins continues to play well in stretches Dallas Cowboys Hoodie , then makes big mistakes, too. The only truly dependable piece along the line right now is Zack Martin.We shouldnít let the rest of the team off the hook. There were some plays the receivers could have made but didnít. The tight ends are also part of the run-blocking scheme and there were too many times they were pushed back. You can also point to the coaches as they seemed to be out of ideas as to how to jump-start things. Then you have Dak, who would have had a decent game if he didnít turn the ball over twice, once in a position where you absolutely canít get loose with the football. Even special teams pitched in with some poor play. Chris Jones had a poor day punting the ball, and then there was the field goal sequence. First, Jason Garrett should have been aggressive at the end and tried to get better field position for the kick, or even taken a shot at the end zone. Instead, they ran the ball and ended up with what should have been a 47-yard attempt. Then the Cowboys were called for moving the ball by the long snapper that resulted in another five-yard penalty. Now itís a 52-yard kick and Brett Maher finally failed us again after going on a long run of excellence. If that ball is kicked from 50 yards or under, it probably goes through. In the end, though, the Cowboys lost this game in the trenches. While Adrian Peterson was able to find some running room and balance the Washington offense Customized Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , the Cowboys were unable to do the same. Elliott had nowhere to run all day, and the Cowboys were unable to totally overcome that. Prescott looked fine as a passer for the most part, but his two turnovers were killers, along with the teamís penalties, especially from the offensive line.They head into the bye week on a down note, and until the offensive line can figure out itís problems on the road, this is an 8-8 team at best. www.nflshopoutlet.com/cincinnati-bengals

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