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ROME ecco leeds shoes sale , March 2 (Xinhua) -- Italian police on Monday carried out a vast operation against people involved in an alleged insurance fraud worth some 2 million euros (2.24 million U.S. dollars), local media reported.

At least eight people were arrested in the southern city of Taranto and 139 were under investigation, police said.

Those arrested were charged with criminal conspiracy and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, after allegedly making false car crash claims to insurance companies, according to Quotidiano di Puglia local daily.

The probe involved at least two lawyers and some health professionals working at the local public hospital in Taranto.

"The organization could benefit from the continue support of a senior radiologist ecco johannesburg shoes sale , an ambulance driver and a health care assistant within the hospital," police specified in a statement.

A pharmacist would be in charge of recruiting people willing to be involved in the scam by submitting fraudulent car crash claims, investigators said in a statement.

A total of 25 allegedly fake traffic incidents were investigated by the police, all of them claiming serious injuries for the people involved.

The fraud would have targeted 18 insurance companies with an estimated damage for them exceeding 2 million euros. (1 euro = 1.12 U.S. dollars)

BEIJING, March 18 (Xinhua) -- The number of new energy vehicles to hit China's roads by 2020 will reach 300 ecco jamestown shoes sale ,000 as the country aims to save energy and combat pollution, the transportation authority announced Wednesday.

China will create a favorable environment to foster quicker growth in the new energy vehicle sector through intense government-led promotion, according to a guideline issued by the Ministry of Transport (MOT).

The guideline set the target of 200,000 units of new energy buses and 100,000 new energy taxies and city logistics delivery vehicles by 2020 to encourage the production and purchase of new energy vehicles.

China will continue to encourage the construction of charging facilities for new energy vehicles in cities and implement tax exemptions and subsidies for car purchases.

From Sept. 1 ecco jared shoes sale , 2014 to the end of 2017, buyers of qualified pure electric cars, plug-in hybrid electric cars and fuel cell cars will not have to pay the vehicle purchase tax, according to the MOT.

Since 2014, China has rolled out a set of measures to promote the use of new energy vehicles in its bid to save energy and combat pollution ecco jeremy shoes sale , including tax exemptions, subsidies for car purchases and requirement for government organs to buy more new energy cars.

China's new energy vehicles production jumped fourfold year on year to 83,900 vehicles in 2014, data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed.

How Managed Services in UAE Help To Acquire Business Benefits

Posted by commit on March 19th, 2015

Managed services pertain to the outsourcing of daily management responsibilities and functions to improve operations and reduce expenses. You may consider managed services in the UAE to save money and eliminate the need to worry about certain aspects of your company ecco inglewood shoes sale , such as HR activities, maintenance activities, and product support. There are ten major benefits that managed services can provide to your business:

You will reduce labor costs when you eliminate the need to hire and train your staff or employ temporary or contractual employees who may not be able to live up to your expectations. Managed services can be tailored to your budget, and they can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business. You are provided with your own account manager. This way, you can easily get in touch with the managed services provider and make certain arrangements with them. Some companies can provide you with an onsite engineer if you require immediate support for your IT needs. Managed services in the UAE can cover a wide variety of business needs from IT to telecom ecco illinois shoes sale , outsourced personnel, interior décor, ELV integration, and software and application support. Managed services can help you meet your industry's standards and stay competitive. You can get complete IT solutions at a reasonable price. This can be a great way for small to medium businesses to have their IT department without having to worry about acquiring additional office space or hiring their staff for it. You can quickly implement the latest technologies. High-quality outsourced managed services have the resources to initiate projects and complete them within a short period. This will save you money and time when you need managed services for a certain project. Managed services can minimize the risks that are often associated with government regulations, technologies ecco ian shoes sale , financial conditions, markets, and your competition. Managed services providers are armed with industry knowledge and experience to allow them to resolve various compliance and security issues.

Remember to choose a leading IT and telecom solutions company for managed services. Look for a company that has been around for at least ten years. One of the best providers of managed services in the UAE has been in service since 2002. They are known for providing high-quality IT and telecom solutions to suit any industry, like construction, health ecco holton shoes sale , SMEs, startups, and hospitality.

About The Author:

COMMit is one of the IT service leading companies in UAE; it is a service based company that provides solution for IT sector. It is founded in 2002 in Dubai having more than 10 years of experience & expertise in the field of IT & Telecom solutions. They offer their service in various sectors like Hospitality, Health, and Construction etc. and have delivered more than a 1000 projects within the UAE.

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