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Mama Fanbox is not facing bankruptcy. It is, however cheap air max 2019 , a staffless shop, the newest business model in Vietnam.

After pressing the bell on the shop's wall, 22-year-old Hanoian Pham Minh Trang saw the door in front of her slowly open.

"Just follow the instructions pasted outside the door and you'll be inside in around 30 seconds," Trang told Xinhua recently.

The young shopper quickly opened a side-by-side large refrigerator and picked out three bottles of drink. Then she moved to the checkout counter, letting the barcode scanner read the products, and taking the bill printed out after a few seconds.

"Now I will insert cash into this thin slot," Trang said, finishing her payment.

With no staff and a handful of cameras cheap nike air vapormax 2019 , the shop owner Dao Khanh Hiep confessed that he is not 100 percent sure that all customers foot the bill before they leave. And neither is he sure that all payments are made in full.

"Fanbox relies heavily on shoppers' goodwill," the man said simply, blossoming into a confident smile.

Having read some articles about self-help shops in developed countries years ago, the 34-year-old man embraced his dream of running a similar chain store in Vietnam.

While ordinary people believe that a shop counting on faith can earn profit in a developed country, Hiep insists that it is also feasible in his home country, where GDP per capita stood at just over 2,200 U.S. dollars in 2016.

"People's income does not determine their honesty. If I expect my customers to behave in a trustworthy manner, I need to show my trust to them first cheap nike air max 2019 running shoes ," Hiep affirmed.

In mid-2016, Hiep launched the first Mama Fanbox covering a modest area of roughly 20-square meters.

Small, but unique in Hanoi, the shop lures visitors who are eager to see either how a cashier-free business can run or how their inner-goodwill is encouraged.

The fourth and latest member of the Fanbox's family, the shop on Nguyen Van Cu Street, offers enough space for 100 visitors at the same time.

After shopping for organic drinks and foodstuffs on the ground floor, customers can rest on relaxing benches on the second floor, or enjoy some fresh air on the top floor while tasting the products.

"I tried to create the inner space to be as friendly and close-to-nature as possible cheap nike air max 2019 clearance , with wooden furniture, small plants and yellow lights. I learned that it would help waken the goodness in every single human being," he explained.

Encountering dishonest customers is, in fact, not usual, as Hiep expected. "It happens just once or twice per 1,000 bills when customers leave without paying. There are so many good people around here," the shop owner beamed.

With such a low rate of fraud cheap nike air max 2019 factory , the businessman is confident that the newest shop will make a profit after two to three months, like its predecessors.

The staffless model helps Hiep save on many different costs, including personnel and material costs, especially as customers tend to leave bottles and labels in the shop after they've finished drinking. These will then be recycled.

"That's the savior of a struggling retail space in a capital city like Hanoi. As a result, I can manage to sell nutritious food at very tempting prices," Hiep analyzed.

However, the absence of staff has raised some problems. Since only cash is accepted, shoppers may be irked if they do not have the exact denomination for payment.

Hiep then decided that customers would be free to pay more or less than the actual amount on the bill. "If they pay more cheap nike air max 2019 outlet , they will get a discount of 10 percent next time. And if they pay less, they will come by the next time and make up for the unpaid portion," he told Xinhua.

With knowledge of advanced software used by tech giants like Alibaba or Amazon in their self-help stores to monitor payment via online platforms, Hiep decided that he could apply such technology once his business grows larger and Vietnamese people further get used to online payments.

In the intermediate term, he will stick to the current version of the shops, which focuses on encouraging people's self-awareness.

"I believe in my customers. Together with them, we can spread goodness in Vietnamese society," Hiep said cheap nike air max 2019 free shipping , smiling optimistically.

These days, raincoats and first-aid kits are available at the shops, for any passengers to drop by and take away.

"They are free, for people who are in urgent need," noted Hiep, describing that as an indicator of a give-and-take culture.

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