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The New England Patriots run defense played

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The New England Patriots Run Defense Played - Sport

a terrible stretch from week 13-15 of the regular season Jarrett Stidham NFL Jersey , when they allowed the Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, and Pittsburgh Steelers to run up and down the field.Well, whatever the Patriots did to fix that problem- a mix of schematic changes on the defensive line and improved play by the linebackers- worked out for the playoffs as New England just capped off one of the most impressive stretches of run defense in NFL history.The 2018 Patriots allowed 122 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns on 40 attempts (3.05 YPC) and those 122 yards mark the third-fewest allowed by a Super Bowl champion in NFL history.The 1986 New York Giants and the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers allowed a mere 121 rushing yards in their journeys to winning the Super Bowl. That Steelers defense is one of the best in NFL history, while that Giants team featured a young defensive coordinator by the name of Bill Belichick.And then there’s the 2018 Patriots, edging out the historic 1985 Chicago Bears (125 rushing yards allowed). That’s some incredible company and the Patriots did it against some of the best rushing attacks in the NFL.The Los Angeles Chargers ranked 6th in rushing DVOA this year and the Kansas City Chiefs ranked 4th. The Los Angeles Rams ranked 1st by a wide margin. Chargers RB Melvin Gordon is a Pro Bowler and Rams RB Todd Gurley is a three-time All Pro. These three opponents ranked 1st, 2nd Jarrett Stidham NFL Draft , and 3rd in offensive DVOA, too.So while, yes, the Patriots were able to build up a big lead against the Chargers and remove their rushing attack from the game plan, I would argue that the Patriots were able to build such a lead because the run defense executed at such a high level. In every game it felt like the run defense stuffed the opposition and forced second- and third-and-long situations, where the secondary could smother the receivers and the pass rush could disrupt the quarterback.This Patriots defense didn’t get a lot of credit this year. But they’ve cemented their position alongside the greats with one of the most impressive playoff runs in NFL history.Key matchups to look for Patriots video station. Jaguars An AFC Championship rematch in Week 2, Tom Brady facing yet another top five defense and a lot of trash talk from Jalen Ramsey has Sunday’s matchup a lot bigger than just your normal early regular season game.The Jaguars defense is as complete as they come. They have the speed Jarrett Stidham Buffalo Bills Jersey , skill and smash mouth defense type mentality to make Sunday’s game very tough for Tom Brady and company. Week one was a great day for breakout star Phillip Dorsett, however, he is in for a much tougher matchup this week with the likes of Jalen Ramsey, AJ Bouye and the rest of the Jaguars secondary all in his face. Some key matchups both offensively and defensively in this weeks matchup could go a long way in deciding this one pending who were to win that specific matchup.Patriots front seven video station. Leonard Fournette/TJ Yeldon: Although the Patriots defense looked strong most of the game this past Sunday, there was still some improvement in terms of their run defense. The Patriots allowed 167 rushing yards on 34 running attempts accounting for just under five yards per carry. With the two back tandem of Fournette and Yeldon, Jacksonville has both the power and speed between the two to make it a long day for the Patriots defense if they fail to show up on Sunday. Fournette is listed as questionable with a hamstring injury for Sunday’s games, but all signs point to him playing. Phillip Dorsett video station. Jaguars secondary: Considering Jalen Ramsey seems to be matched up with Rob Gronkowski and Chris Hogan video station AJ Bouye both with potential safety help over the top Color Rush Byron Cowart Jersey , this will put pressure on Phillip Dorsett and James White to slip into soft areas with some potential to make big plays. The Jaguars have a lot of speed at the linebacker position which could limit White’s ability in the passing game but Phillip Dorsett, who’s fresh off a strong Week 1, could be an X factor in New England’s ability to move the ball down field come Sunday.Rob Gronkowski video station. Jalen Ramsey: Arguably the best at their positions, Ramsey has been yapping all off-season regarding Gronkowski and the Patriots. Ramsey, who has mostly backed up his trash talk throughout his two years in the league, was famously quoted saying Gronkowski ‘hasn't seen a cornerback like him’, before last seasons AFC title game. We couldn’t see much of that matchup as Gronk ultimately left the game with a concussion in the second quarter. This trash talk didn't stop as he was quoted saying that “Gronk isn't that good.” We all know the damage Rob Gronkowski can do verse cornerbacks as his size and strength is a nightmare for opposing cornerbacks Youth Byron Cowart Jersey , however, if Gronkowski can let his play do the talking Sunday, the Patriots should be just fine. These key matchups can go a long way for both teams and could factor mightily into Sunday’s matchup.

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