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Greubel Forsey Quadruple Toubillon Secret watch price

Greubel Forsey Quadruple Toubillon Secret Watch Price - Scienze E Matematica

Swiss luxury watchmaker GREUBEL FORSEY (greubel forsey replica ) has unveiled the twintourbillon technology, which includes a robotic arm wound around the core with a caliber of GF 02S. The complex watch comes in 5N red, white and platinum versions and features a dual tourbillon 30, hour and minute display, a 4-minute external tourbillon rotation indicator, a 60-second internal tourbillon rotation indicator and a power reserve indicator.

Barrel body: four coaxial series rapid rotating barrel body (3.2 hours, 1 turn), equipped with sliding spring, avoid too tight; Gold, nickel and palladium relief
Balance wheel: platinum average time screw for variable inertia (10.70mm diameter)
Vibration frequency :21600 / h
Power reserve :120 hours
Balance spring: phillips terminal curve; Geneva - style stud
Main plate: frosted nickel silver, polished bevel, black chrome plating
Bridge: frosted nickel silver, polished bevel, nickel palladium polished, gold table nameplate number
Transmission device: involute circular profile; Bevel gear transmission with modified tooth profile

Swiss luxury watchmaker grubel fauci has created a unique collection of 33 timepieces. This amazing timing miracle is the winding motion of the manipulator, caliber GF 01N. Main features include tourbillon 24 second tilt, hour and minute display, second display and power reserve indicator. Each edition is limited to 11 watches in 5N styles of red gold, platinum or platinum.

Since its invention in 2004, fake watches uk Swiss luxury watchmaker Greubel Forsey has released three products based on the invention: the modern (including the Vision and Secret models), the invention (including the invention part 1 model), and the technology (the 30 technology model).

The watch's complexity is not limited to the tourbillon system, but extends to other aspects, including a new dial. This exclusive gold watch integrates three sapphire crystal panels. These complex inserts are sculpted and enhanced with 3D structured text. The bezel with bevel relief gives the final version an original look, an early model of a new interpretive style, while retaining the intrinsic design features of the grubel fossi timepiece. Like other grubelfosi clocks, the twin tourbillon 30 expresses the ideas of its creator. Visually, you'll also find 3D text on the dial and hand-carved curved panels that stick to the sides of the case and celebrate the ideas and techniques of its inventor, the watchmaker.

This year, grubel fauci decided to end the double tourbillon 30 --greubel forsey double tourbillon 30 technique-- modern, creating two unique collections, "Edition historiography" :11 5N pieces of red gold, and 11 pieces of platinum.The closing of 30 contemporary is a powerful symbol of the brand: the line is deeply embedded in history because it was the start of Greubel Forsey's adventures and laid the foundation of legitimacy for subsequent inventions. Greubel Forsey has decided to stop the Double Tourbillon 30 modern circuit after six years. He will also use new energy sources to create systems, invent and explore new ways.

Tourbillon was invented in the early 19th century for pocket watches, and has changed little since. Its purpose is to eliminate the balance difference caused by gravity in the balance spring. Ever since they began their adventures together, however, watch inventors Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have sought to go beyond the science of watchmaking, going further in complexity and research and effectively improving watch performance. They invented a tourbillon in a second cage, so that this new complication would permanently offset the rate error due to gravity, taking into account all the common positions of the watch. The patented system, known as the twin tourbillon 30,swiss replica watches provided a decisive technological advance precisely because of the Angle at which the two rotating retainers were connected, marking a milestone in the history of watchmaking.

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