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The New York Giants are once again watching their season

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The New York Giants Are Once Again Watching Their Season - Sport

slip away almost before it begins. The team might have one last chance to save their season when they travel to take on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday. If that is to happen Womens Phil Simms Jersey , the defense might need to carry the day.The Giants’ defense has played well enough for them to win each of the games they have played, giving up just 20 points to both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys, and they played far better than the 33 points they gave up to the Saints would suggest. However, their Achilles heel this year has been running quarterbacks, and they face one of the best in the league in Cam Newton. Will the Giants’ defense be able to do enough to slow down the Panthers’ rushing attack and hope the offense can find an identity?Stats at a glance Panthers’ offenseRushing yards: 166.0 per gamePassing yards: 203.7 per gameTotal yards: 369.7 per gamePoints: 23.7 per gameGiants’ defenseRushing yards: 126.0 per gamePassing yards: 228.8 per gameTotal yards: 354.8 per gamePoints: 23.8 per gameCan the Giants finally defend the Zone-Read offense? The Carolina Panthers don’t have much of a passing attack. Their 203.7 yards per game is only good for 25th best in the league. However, they don’t need to throw the ball to move it, because they boast the league’s best running game, averaging 166 yards per game. And while Christian McCaffrey is a good runner of the ball — he averaged 6.6 yards per carry against the Cincinnati Bengals when he had 28 attempts — the reason for the Panthers’ success on the ground is Cam Newton. Or rather, the zone read. The Panthers are one of the few teams in the NFL to feature the zone read as a fundamental part of their offense. But then, they are the only team in the league to have Cam Newton at quarterback. The zone read exploded on to the NFL’s scene about eight years ago with the drafting of players like Newton and Colin Kaepernick — big, athletic quarterbacks who were runners as well as passers. The offense enjoyed a season or two of wide-spread success before retreating to be more of a trick play than an offensive staple. Defenses in the NFL are too smart, too big, too fast, and quarterbacks far too valuable for any scheme which consistently exposes them to hits to last long. But Newton is unique in his size, athleticism, and natural ability as a runner. The Panthers would be crazy to not feature the zone read with Newton running their offense. Combined with McCaffrey, the zone read is especially effective. The two players represent a stark contrast in styles, with McCaffrey’s shifty agility and Newton’s size and power. As well, even when McCaffrey is split out wide as a receiver, Newton’s presence always keeps the threat of a run on the table. Defending the zone read is relatively simple in theory: Maintain discipline on defense, play assignment-sound football Harry Carson Jersey , do not over-pursue, and tackle securely. However, it is more difficult than that in practice. The defense must be able to force the quarterback to make the read they want him to make, and the players must have the discipline to trust their teammates to play their assignments even though the offense is trying to create a numbers advantage.So far the defense has looked lost defending the zone read against the Jaguars, Cowboys, and Saints. The Giants will continue to see the zone read until they prove that they are able to stop it, and if they want to have a chance at winning this week, they will need to do just that.Run CMCChristian McCaffrey occupies a unique place in the NFL. He is not only his team’s top running back, but also effectively their top receiver.McCaffrey has three times as many carries (46) as the number two running back (C.J. Anderson, 12). He also has nearly twice as many receptions (22) as the next receiving option (Devin Funchess, 14). It isn’t accurate to say that he is the engine that makes the Panthers’ offense go — that would be Cam Newton — but McCaffrey is clearly their biggest threat. His receiving ability will likely get the most attention; he does run routes and catch the ball like a wide receiver. But McCaffrey’s running ability shouldn’t be ignored either. He is only listed at 5-foot-11, 205 pounds, but his lower body is remarkably powerful for a small back. Combined with his vision and rare short-area quickness, that power makes McCaffrey very hard to bring down around the line of scrimmage. All too often he manages to fight his way through arm tackles and pick up far more yards than one might expect just by looking at him. Now, back to that receiving ability for a moment. Like Alvin Kamara, McCaffrey lines up all across the offensive front, from the backfield, to slot receiver, to wide receiver. He is a natural catcher of the ball who runs good routes and adjusts well to the ball in flight. With his lower body power and movement skills, McCaffrey is a tough cover for most defenders — he doesn’t have the speed to run away from most defensive backs, but quick feet and remarkably fluid movement let him change directions very easily. If stopping the read option is the Giants’ first order of business http://www.giantslockerroom.com/authentic-lawrence-taylor-jersey , then containing McCaffrey must be the second.Who will be on the field?Despite giving up 33 points to the New Orleans Saints, the Giants’ defense has played well enough for the team to win in each of their games in 2018. But now, reinforcements might be on the way for their road trip to CarolinaDefensive tackle Josh Mauro’s suspension is over, and he is eligible to rejoin the team — though they will need to make a roster move to add him to the 53-man roster. The former Arizona Cardinals lineman was added to both help fill a role in the new defensive scheme and aid the transition to that scheme. Mauro played well with the second team in preseason, and was often around the ball, though that was against backup linemen. Top edge rusher Olivier Vernon could be on his way back as well. Vernon is still working his way back from a high ankle sprain suffered in practice during the preseason. However, he practiced twice in a row last week before being ruled out for the Giants’ game against the Saints.If Vernon has not suffered any setbacks, he could make his 2018 debut for a Giants team in desperate need of a true every-down threat off the edge. They have been getting along without him, with players like Kareem Martin, Connor Barwin, Lorenzo Carter, Dalvin Tomlinson, and B.J. Hill providing their meager pass rush. Adding Vernon to the mix could be the spark the front seven needs.Finally, we come to Eli Apple. the third year corner got off to a fantastic start in the first two games, but was lost in week two to a groin injury. B.W. Webb has played about as well as could be hoped in Apple’s absence, but there is a clear step down between the two. Apple had limited participation in practice before Week 4, and says that he is feeling “much better.” Getting all three players back — particularly Vernon and Apple — could be a tremendous boost for the Giants’ defense. Having two cornerbacks capable of matching up one-on-one with the Panthers’ receivers and their best EDGE player back could be huge against the Panthers’ run-based offense. For a myriad of reasons this is probably not going to happen"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections New York Giants NewsGiants Training Camp 2016Giants video station. Eagles 2015, Week 17New York Giants NewsRussell Wilson to Giants a nice dream, but probably nothing moreNew,117commentsFor a myriad of reasons this is probably not going to happenEDTShareTweetShareShareRussell Wilson to Giants a nice dream, but probably nothing moreRussell WilsonTim Heitman-USA TODAY SportsFor New York Giants fans Womens Carl Banks Jersey , the words from Tyrann Mathieu were like fresh meat thrown into a shark tank. They caused a feeding frenzy.Meaning, of course, that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson — at least according to Mathieu — wants to play for the Giants.As Ralph Vacchiano of SNY correctly noted that scenario is “probably not ever” going to happen.As Vacchiano wrote: That won’t stop the speculation. It won’t stop fans from dreaming, however far-fetched the idea. Vacchiano referred to it as “silly.”I certainly understand the Wilson chatter. Giants fans are tired of watching the organization put a bad product on the field. They are even more exhausted by the constant discussion of when and how the Giants will move on from Eli Manning, not to mention why they haven’t done so already.In the midst of the frenzy on Sunday, Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports tossed out a Wilson to the Giants trade idea that, to me, illustrates the folly of such a thing actually happening.I like Trapasso and I have had him as a guest on the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast. The Giants, though, would be making a huge mistake to give up that much for Wilson.The Giants would get their quarterback, but what else would they have? They would, essentially, be giving away the premium portions of their next two drafts. How would they add the defensive play makers they acknowledge desperately needing? Where is the right tackle going to come from? A center? A receiver?Oh, and trade Engram to boot? The guy who could benefit more than any other Giant from Odell Beckham Jr. being a Cleveland Brown, and who could be the second-best offensive player on the team behind Saquon Barkley? How do you replace what he does if you give up nearly all of your premium draft assets for the next two years? Sure, you’re getting your quarterback if you make that deal. You are, though, probably sentencing him to the same fate that has befallen Manning in recent years. Almost certainly surrounding him with a cast of characters that won’t be good enough to win with. Making a mega-move like that for a Wilson would be a sexy, splashy move. It would at least temporarily generate some excitement. Without the ability to add top-shelf talent around him, and stripping away some of what you already have to make it happen, would it really make the Giants better Mark Bavaro Jersey , though?Probably not.Wilson, 30, is in the last year of his deal with the Seahawks. The whole situation could come to a head on Monday as Wilson’s reps have given Seattle a deadline of today to reach a new deal. Read the entirety of King’s Wilson discussion in his ‘Football Morning in America’ column. The part that is directly applicable to the Giants is this:Seattle could, after this season, use the franchise tag on Wilson for 2020 and 2021. So, as Wilson indicted above, the Seahawks do have control over him if they choose to exercise it.Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated also breaks down the Wilson situation and says “We know Wilson will be the Seahawks’ quarterback in 2019.”What about the money?Wilson carries a $17 million base salary this season. Part of any deal to the Giants would have to include a new long-term deal that would cost the Giants far more than that per year.What about Manning? Really, what about the money already committed to Manning for 2019? The Giants have already paid him a $5 million roster bonus. Cutting him would add another $11.2 million in dead money to the bloated $33.879 million the Giants are already carrying.Doesn’t it make more sense long term to try and follow the path the Philadelphia Eagles took with Carson Wentz, the Kansas Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes, the Los Angeles Rams with Jared Goff? The Chicago Bears with Mitchell Trubisky?That path, of course, is to continue to build the roster. To find a quality young quarterback and take advantage of the team-friendly rookie contract he will be on to add as much talent as you can around him.That, at least, is what makes sense to me. Of course, I acknowledge the success of that hinges on finding the right young quarterback.Wilson in a Giants uniform? A nice dream, and I absolutely understand why the idea is exciting to some. It doesn’t, however, seem practical. Or likely.

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