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Our look at the quarterbacks who will be throwing in

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Our Look At The Quarterbacks Who Will Be Throwing In - Sport

Indianapolis."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 2016 NFL DraftInjuriesFree AgencyGame FilmCombine Preview: QuarterbacksOur look at the quarterbacks who will be throwing in Indianapolis.ESTShareTweetShareShareCombine Preview: QuarterbacksJasen Vinlove-USA TODAY SportsStarting our position group-by-group look at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine Cheap Sean Bunting Jersey , we’re going to dive into the quarterbacks attending this year and speculate about who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may target in the upcoming draft.Ryan Fitzpatrick is likely to seek out a starting job elsewhere or retire. Ryan Griffin, well, who knows what will happen to him. All we know is the coaching staff who kept him around longer than any third quarterback I ever remember is gone. So, he might be gone for good too.If you follow the team closely, then you know only two quarterbacks currently sit on the 2019 roster for the Bucs. Of course, one is Jameis Winston, and the other is Joe Callahan. Unless you think Callahan is a bona fide back-up, what with his one career NFL appearance and 74.1 quarterback rating off of a five-for-seven, eleven-yard performance, I think there’s at least some validity to the idea Tampa Bay may fly a draft pick out there to find another quarterback this off-season.So, who are the competitors meeting up in Indianapolis on February 26th?In no particular order other than alphabetical by last name, they are:2019 COMBINE QUARTERBACKSNAMESCHOOLNAMESCHOOLBEST IN CLASS: DREW LOCK, MISSOURIAlright Sean Bunting Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey , now we get into the fun and subjective part of the discussion. I’ve seen Kyler Murray mocked as high as fourth to the Oakland Raiders, and I’ve seen Dwayne Haskins in front of both Murray and Lock.To me, Lock is at the top of this year’s quarterback class. I’d say Murray is the most intriguing, but it’s really hard for me to say where his ceiling is.With this Missouri quarterback, I feel like a team will be more comfortable knowing what it is they’re getting. Sort of a - less risk it, but still some good biscuit - type of situation.MOST TO PROVE: KYLER MURRAY, OKLAHOMAI mean, obviously, right? Murray has done some amazing things on the college football field. But so did Vince Young.Like VY, mentality is a huge part of whether or not Murray is going to be successful in the NFL鈥?or MLB...or somewhere.Even with this compelling tweet, there’s going to be concerns Murray will still try to keep a toe in both pools. And it’ll be no surprise there are some who might be nervous about drafting the Sooners quarterback.If he doesn’t start, or doesn’t have a good first year or two, he could easily bolt for baseball and know he’ll get a shot.Would the Raiders draft him fourth overall? I wouldn’t be surprised. But if it’s going to happen it’s going to be in part because Murray blows away the combine crowd. Mostly in interviews.MOST LIKELY BUCS DRAFT PICK: RYAN FINLEY Caleb Benenoch Jersey , NC STATEAdam Hagy-USA TODAY SportsOutside of Lock, Haskins and Murray there’s not much expectation for any of the other quarterbacks to become starters in the NFL.Although some of them likely will start, none will likely become franchise leaders for years to come. Never say never though, right?Still, we’re coming into this looking for a guy with back-up qualities. A quarterback who has enough athletic ability to move in the pocket behind an offensive line unfamiliar with his timing and on-field style. A quarterback who doesn’t take huge risks, but has arm talent enough to push the ball when needed. Overall, you want a guy who is smart and can come in to manage a game more than try to win it on his own.That’s a back-up rookie quarterback. And that’s Ryan Finley from NC State.He’s older, and you’re hoping if the Bucs have to put him in for any period of time that his age and experience will override his panic.If Finley steps on the field he’s going to need his coaches to call plays he can execute without much thought necessary and without relying on him as a playmaker. Sounds scary? Well, playing with your back-up quarterback often times is.Interviews will be big for Finley in Indianapolis, and if he proves to be calm under pressure, he’s going to land on someone’s list as their QB2 of the future. The countdown to the draft continues with a look at Penn State CB Amani Oruwariye"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 2016 NFL DraftInjuriesFree AgencyGame FilmBuccaneers Draft Profile: CB Amani OruwariyeThe countdown to the draft continues with a look at Penn State CB Amani OruwariyeEDTShareTweetShareShareBuccaneers Draft Profile: CB Amani OruwariyeBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsThe Buccaneers have given the early nod outside at corner to Vernon Hargreaves III and Carlton Davis so far. This doesn’t go without saying that neither player has excelled to the point that their starting roles are rock solid. Hargreaves III has had his struggles with injuries and on field play and Carlton Davis is just entering his second year in the league. The Buccaneers invested in Davis and M.J. Stewart, who is potentially heading to safety, a year ago despite Hargreaves III’s presence and there’s little reason to believe they won’t look to further address the position in this up coming draft as well. Amani Oruwariye out of Penn State by way of Tampa Beau Allen Jersey , Florida could be a target for the Buccaneers to help out a secondary that lost Brent Grimes. Amani Oruwariye’s CareerOruwariye’s career has taken a different path than many other potential NFL Draft picks. Oruwariye did not become a starter until his season year despite a very good junior season that saw the Tampa native earn 2nd team All Big Ten honors. Oruwariye began his season year as the starting corner and earned 1st team All Big Ten honors showcasing his skills with three interceptions and twelve pass breakups. Oruwariye’s senior season earned him a spot at the Senior Bowl earlier this year. ProsBy far the biggest thing working for Oruwariye is his size and ability to be physical with receivers. Oruwariye showed a propensity to handle receivers well at the line of scrimmage and redirect them. Has shown better results in man coverage, fitting well with the scheme the Buccaneers will be running under new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. At the point of reception is where Oruwariye showed his skillset the best raking in 7 interceptions and swatting away another 20. Oruwariye’s length allows him to disrupt passes within a wide radius of the receivers body. Attitude at the line of scrimmage mixed with his size has been a recipe for success in college, the physicality should help him translate well to the NFL in that aspect. ConsThe biggest strike against Oruwariye is his lack of speed. If beat off the line, Oruwariye will struggle to make up ground. From a technique stand point, Oruwariye has a lot of work to do. Oruwariye struggles to flip his hips and and change direction. Oruwariye would struggle mightily if mismatched up in the slot. Coverage aside, tackling was a bit spotty for Oruwariye despite good willingness to mix it up in the run game. Struggles with backpedaling and change of direction limit him scheme wise to an extent. Why The Buccaneers Need HimAt 6’1”, the Buccaneers need another tall lengthy receiver in a division that has teams regularly trotting out multiple 6’1+ receivers such as the Atlanta Falcons. Hargreaves III may be getting the first shot outside alongside Carlton Davis but there is an absolute need for another lengthy corner in this secondary. With Todd Bowles wanting to play more aggressively and putting corners in press man coverage, more bodies need to come into camp capable of doing so. Oruwariye fits the bill in a division like the NFC South where opposing teams have physically imposing receivers. Oruwariye may not beat out Hargreaves III or Carlton Davis day one, but more talent is needed and with Hargreaves III being in a make it or break it season, it’s necessary to have a potential back up plan ready. Will It Happen?Possibly. Amani Oruwariye’s draft stock puts him anywhere from the end of round two after some speed questions to early day three of the draft. With him being a scheme reliant corner, it’s very possibly that the Buccaneers could get him at a place of value that makes plenty of sense for both parties.

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