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Devontae Booker will return

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Devontae Booker will return

as the Denver Broncos third-down back in 2019." Denver Broncos Roster2019 Broncos roster review: Running back Devontae Booker New Max Garcia Jersey ,42commentsDevontae Booker will return as the Denver Broncos third-down back in 2019.MDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:2019 Broncos roster review: Running back Devontae Booker TwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto by Matthew Stockman/Getty ImagesThe former fourth-round pick who is now a veteran in the NFL is entering his fourth year with the Broncos and should still have an important role in the teams backfield. ProfileHeight: 5-11Weight: 219lbsAge: 27Experience: 4th seasonBooker has never really lived up to his potential as a starter in the NFL, but he has been a very good compliment to have behind your starter. His ability to be a pass blocker, pass catcher, as well as a runner, has helped be the Broncos third-down back the past few seasons. This is something I see continuing in 2019.Through three NFL seasons, all with the Broncos, Booker has totaled 287 rushing attempts for 1,094 yards and 6 touchdowns. His best ability, however, has been as a pass catcher. Through three NFL seasons, Booker has caught 99 balls for 815 yards and 1 touchdown. Bookerís best season in the NFL came his rookie year when he played in Gary Kubiakís zone-based offensive system. Well, the Broncos are returning to that zone-based offensive system under new Offensive Coordinator Rich Scangarello and Booker feels it fits his strengths well. During Bookerís rookie year, he rushed 174 times for 612 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also caught 31 balls for 265 yards and 1 touchdown. I would look for Rich Scangarello to use Booker in the passing game often this year, and potentially in some split back scenarios with Phillip Lindsay or Royce Freeman. In the end, he gives the Broncos a reliable pass blocker and a sure-handed target out of the backfield or in other words, a solid third-down back. The goodEvery NFL team is looking for a reliable third-down back to lean on in certain scenarios, and that is exactly what Booker can do. Most of the time, defenses are bringing the heat on third-down Cheap Dalton Risner Jersey , so Booker will be once again tasked with finding the free rusher and keeping him off the quarterback, Joe Flacco. He is arguably the best pass blocking back on the Broncos roster right now and that is one way to earn some roster security, especially in todayís NFL. His pass catching ability should also serve him well in this offense. If you look at Kyle Shanahanís history as a play caller, he likes to use the running back in the passing game. So I would imagine Scangarello would look to do the same in his offense. This bodes well for Booker who may have the best hands of the running back group. So I would expect him to earn some opportunities in that role this upcoming season.Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty ImagesAnother positive for Booker is the lack of competition behind him. You have the undersized, but speedy Khalfani Muhammad behind Booker as well as undrafted rookie Devontae Jackson who is also an undersized, but speedy back. It is always possible Jackson proves to be the next Phillip Lindsay, but odds are that neither will really push Booker for a roster spot. This offense should benefit Booker and his pass blocking ability most likely locks him into a roster spot. Add in the lack of competition behind him, and things are looking good for Booker. The badBooker has found his niche as a solid third-down pass blocker/pass catcher for the Broncos, however, he has yet to prove he can be a feature back in an offense. Outside of this past year where he rushed only 37 times and had a YPC of 5.7, he has years of 3.8 and 3.5 yards per carry. His only 100+ carry year came his rookie year where he only averaged 3.5 yards per carry. Now the quarterback and offensive line situation both werenít great and could have impacted his numbers, but he still hasnít proven he can be a full-time rusher in the NFL. With Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman ahead of Booker on the depth chart, he isnít expected to have these responsibilities. However, if something happened to either of those backs and Booker gets some more extended playing time, It would be nice to see him have some more success as a runner. QuotableBooker on if he would like to be a feature back.ďAbsolutely. Thatís just how my approach is to it. Iím pretty sure every guy in our room wants to be the feature guy. They want to go out there and work at it each day to be that guy. Iím not just going to sit here and say that I donít want to be that because I know that I can offer a little more. As of right now and how my role is, the pass protection and being a pass catcher out of the backfield, thatís just where they need me right now.ĒDevontae Bookerís roster status with the Broncos:Barring an injury or surprise acquisition, you can pretty much lock Booker into a roster spot.I get that he gets a decent amount of hate Von Miller Jersey , but heís likely your best pass catcher and best pass blocker of the running back group. This isnít a knock on Lindsay by the way, heís the most dangerous pass catcher, but Bookerís hands and route running ability give him the edge right now. Freeman can likely turn into a solid pass blocker because of his size, but he doesnít offer a ton in the passing game. Meanwhile, you really do not want your 190lb(or less) running back taking on a linebacker or defensive lineman, so Booker gets the edge here. Booker is your third-down back once again in 2019 and hopefully, he can flourish a little more as a pass catcher in Rich Scangarelloís offensive system. The Denver Broncos are revamping their wide receiver corps. This young gun has a real chance to make the team in 2019." Denver Broncos Roster2019 Broncos roster review: Wide receiver Juwann WinfreeNew,22commentsThe Denver Broncos are revamping their wide receiver corps. This young gun has a real chance to make the team in 2019.MDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:2019 Broncos roster review: Wide receiver Juwann WinfreeTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto after a couple of years of trouble early on and his work there when he was healthy was productive and showed a guy who has a lot of athletic talent.The goodWhile he isnít an absolute burner, he has the speed you want to see from a WR at the NFL level. Heís also not afraid to stick his nose into the run blocking game which is a big deal at this level.He has good hands and is great at adjusting to the ball in the open field.Even with the things I can see out of his highlights, the big word on Winfree is that heís got a lot of growth opportunity in his game and low tread on the tires.The badFrom what Iíve read, his conduct issues were early in his college career.It is something worth taking note of, but hopefully Winfree has turned a page and is focused on being a great NFL player at this point.The more worriesome knock on Winfree is his injury history. He doesnít have a complete season under his belt at the college level and that has to be the biggest reason no one drafted a guy with this much upside earlier than the sixth round.Juwann Winfreeís roster status with the BroncosWinfreeís name is one that keeps standing out early in training camp.Keep your eye on him this preseason as if he keeps playing at a high level, I can easily see him being our #5 WR behind Emmanuel Sanders, Courtland Sutton, DaeSean Hamilton, and Tim Patrick.

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