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Quality product information is also a fun

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Quality product information is also a fun

How to Use the GBC CombBind C110E Comb Binding Machine Business Articles | March 16 Cheap Air Max Thea Shoes , 2012
Comb binding is an excellent way to prepare your documents and make them look as professional as possible. If you plan on binding your documents with the GBC CombBind C110E, you are probably wondering how to use it. This article will fill you in on everything you need to know. Lets get started!

Comb binding is an excellent way to prepare your documents and make them look as professional as possible. If you plan on binding your documents with the GBC CombBind C110E, you are probably wondering how to use it. This article will fill you in on everything you need to know. Let's get started!

Place the C110E on a sturdy service and plug its power cord into an outlet. Turn the machine on.

Go over your document one more time and make any necessary changes. Take a moment to select a front and back cover for your work.

Now it is time to punch holes in your document. If you look at your machine, you will notice that it has an adjustable edge guide that has markings for letter- and A4-sized paper Cheap Air Max 95 Shoes , as well as oversized covers. Rotate the dial so it is on the appropriate setting.

The C110E can punch up to 15 sheets at once. Divide your document into smaller sections if it exceeds 15 pages in length. Place one of the sections in the punching throat and press the punch button. (It's near the adjustable edge guide.) Repeat the process as many times as needed depending on the length of your document.

Measure the document's thickness with the C110E's comb selector. This is located on the top of the machine. Open the selector by pulling the binding handle towards you. Place your document against the comb supporter and move the binding lever to its original position. There is a small chart on the right side of the machine that will tell you how thick your document is. Choose a comb that's large enough to bind your entire book. (Note: the C110E can be used to bind work that contains up to 300 pages.)

Remove your document from the comb selector and place your comb on the teeth located at the top of the machine. Open the comb by pulling on the binding lever. (Don't open the comb too far as this can cause it to go flying.) Begin stacking your pages on top of the comb, making sure the teeth go through all the holes in your document.

Close the comb and remove your document from the machine. You can repeat the process for any other documents you need to bind.

Empty the chip tray which is located at the bottom of the device. Emptying the chip tray prevents wear and tear on the punching dies so you can get more use out of your machine. Turn the device off when you're done so the motor won't overheat.

Finally, the C110E has a one-year warranty. Hopefully you won't need to use it but it's there if you need it.

If you run into any trouble during the binding process, be sure to consult the C110E's instruction manual. Overall Cheap Air Max 90 Shoes , you should find using the C110E to be pretty easy, especially once you get some practice with it. Good luck and happy binding!

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