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Letís check reactions from around the Internet to the Odell

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Letís Check Reactions From Around The Internet To The Odell - Sport

trade"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections New York Giants NewsGiants Training Camp 2016Giants video station. Eagles 2015 Nate Solder Jerseys 2019 , Week 17NFL Free AgencyNew York Giants NewsOdell Beckham trade reaction: What did Dave Gettleman just do, and what will he do now?New,780commentsLetís check reactions from around the Internet to the Odell Beckham tradeEDTShareTweetShareShareOdell Beckham trade reaction: What did Dave Gettleman just do, and what will he do now?Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsGood morning, New York Giants fans!Yes, it is Day 1 of the post-Odell Beckham Era for the Giants and the sun came up. Life did go on. The Giants are still a football team, although a vastly different one with a vastly different future than they were 24 hours ago. In the immediate moments after the deal it was difficult to think about what Dave Gettleman had done and react with clarity. We tried. In case you missed any of it, here is what we produced:Giants trading Odell Beckham Jr. to Cleveland BrownsĎValentineís Viewsí podcast: Ed White Kareem Martin Jerseys , Pat Traina react to Odell Beckham tradeOdell Beckham trade: What does this mean for the New York Giants?[Podcast] Dan and Chris react to Odell Beckham Jr. tradeNow, letís look at how others are reacting to the news.The back pages of the New York City tabloids are, of course, a gold mine.Those who write for a living also have opinions.Gettleman may have a plan, but it's not clear after Beckham fiascoDid The Giants Just Make The Browns Super Bowl Contenders? | FiveThirtyEightGrading the Odell Beckham Jr. trade from Giants to Browns - Who won?Giants GM Dave Gettleman will feel heat for Beckham tradeNo matter how Dave Gettleman sells it, Giants are in rebuild mode | SNYOdell Beckham Jr. trade grade: Browns, Giants trending in opposite directions | SI.comOdell Beckham Jr. trade fallout: N.Y. Giants' plan hard to see - NFL.com Not only is Draft Season in full swing, but Mock Draft Season is well under way as well. Daniel Jeremiah Kareem Martin Jerseys 2019 , former scout and draft expert for the NFL network, released his first mock draft of 2019 on Friday afternoon. After a 2018 draft season filled with mock drafts featuring the New York Giants selecting a quarterback, this yearís mocks are already falling in to a familiar theme. With the sixth overall pick, Jeremiah mocks Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins to the Giants. Raptorís Thoughts: My opinion on Haskins hasnít changed since Mel Kiper Jr. mocked him to the Giants on Thursday. Haskinsí age and inexperience are concerns for me, but his tape shows a player with the tools to be a starter at the next level. Iím less concerned about Haskinsí lack of ďideal mobilityĒ, particularly after watching an increasingly ancient Eli Manning get out and effectively run bootlegs this past season. The biggest question, for me, is whether or not he will even be there for the Giants to draft at sixth overall. There will be trades Youth Kyle Lauletta Jerseys , and if the Giants actually do want Haskins, they can only hope none of those trades are teams trying to jump them.From a more human perspective, it would be a great story for the Highland Park native to learn how to be an NFL quarterback from one of his heroes and eventually take over as the franchise quarterback of the team he grew up loving. One of the best parts of the draft is the stories of the draftees, and Haskins living out every fanís childhood dream would be the kind of story even Hollywood would reject for being too cliched.On a side note, credit to Jeremiah for going out on several limbs with this mock draft. At the very least he gives us names to look at who havenít gotten much press yet.

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