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An athletic freak who can be a steal

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An Athletic Freak Who Can Be A Steal - Sport

"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Jets StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Jets NewsYahoo Jets Team PageYahoo Jets ReportYahoo Jets Depth ChartYahoo Jets TransactionsYahoo Jets PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕2019 NFL Draft Prospect WR Miles Boykin Notre Dame New Womens Leonard Williams Jersey ,20commentsAn athletic freak who can be a steal EDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL Draft Prospect WR Miles Boykin Notre Dame Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY SportsMiles BoykinWR6’ 3 3/4”220 lbsCombine results:4.42/40, 6.77/ 3 cone drill, 4.07 20 yard shuttle,43.5” vert jump 140.0” Broad Jumpand a 99.9% SPARQ score as a superior NFL athleteBoykin has elite physical traits, better than anyone in this Draft class, which combined with his size/speed abilities makes him an amazing prospect. He is very raw as a player but is still hard to cover. He drew numerous pass interference penalties because he was so difficult to play against. He is tall, fast, quick, and can jump over you. He would be a monster for any NFL CB to cover even as he is now. He has strong hands and has made numerous one-handed catches. He has a huge catch radius and super loose hips to get in and out of breaks smoothly. He would be great with back shoulder throws. Once he gets up to speed a CB would have to get on his horse and in no way be able to cover the back shoulder of Boykin. His sheer size makes him a box out candidate on most throws. On this route he just basically runs by the DBs, not showing a lot of trickery.He gets turned around enough to get himself square to the QB. When he reaches up the CB tries to jump and deflect the throw, but he is a good half foot away from the ball. If he was more schooled in receiving he would have slowed down and stacked the CB on his back, then reached up and grabbed the pass...but this worked.This is another play that doesn’t take much route knowledge. He again just runs by the CB and catches a TD,At the top of the screen you can see the CB is in press coverage and doesn’t even lay a finger on Boykin on his release. Once he crosses his face, the CB is burnt. The QB has a straight shot to Boykin, and as long as he can get the ball long enough it’s a TD.This next GIF is what I was talking about earlier. The ball is late http://www.jetslockerroom.com/authentic-doug-middleton-jersey , but still this back shouler throw is deadly because of the speed of the receiver. The CB never knows the ball is coming. He can’t get his head around to see the ball.If Boykin runs hard down the sideline, and the QB is accurate and on time with his throw as long as Boykin doesn’t stop or look back prematurely this play is unstoppable in a one on one scenario.These next few GIFs will show you how size matters to a receiver. Remember Boykin isn’t just tall. He is like trying to tackle a moose when he is squared up, and his momentum is vertical.He blasts through those arm tackles like they are nothing. CBs will have a difficult time tackling Boykin unless they go low and take out the legs.The next clip is spectacular because of the catch.Again there is no CB who can cover this play because of the size of Boykin.Here is the same play from another angle.This play starts with 1 minute 38 seconds left in the game and Notre Dame trailing by 3 in the Citrus Bowl. Notre Dame won the game because of this play 21-17. Size matters.The only reason that Notre Dame was even in the position to make a game changing play is because of this nice catch on a 3rd and 19 play with Notre Dame down 14 to 6.He powered through press man coverage and held onto the ball after taking a big hit. The player #25, by the way, is Greedy Wiliams who should be a late 1st round selection in a few days. He only had 3 receptions in this game, and you saw two of them. These were enough to get him the Citrus Bowl MVP for the game. Here is another TD on a ball that is thrown way too late. The only nuance to this route is the jab step left that backs the defender off and gives him the room and time to get outside all alone. The late throw is the only reason you see the CB even close to the play. Boykin does a nice job of catching the ball with his hands and away from his body. He also turned to give his QB a big target to throw at.So far you can see that Boykin has made all his plays with his physical prowess without any real skill involved. This last clip he shows you some forethought Boykin shows while running this route.Stanford is playing a cover 2 zone. The play is designed to bring the slot receiver into the flat to occupy #13 the right corner so he doesn’t drop back on the play. The ILB #27 Sean Barton drops back into the passing lane with the safety #5 Frank Buncom playing the deep right quarter of the field. The hole in the zone is on the sideline about 20 yards downfield.It’s a rhythm throw as Boykin has to get there as the QB arcs the ball over #25 and onto Boykin. Again it’s nice to be tall. This was a big play with only about a minute left in the half.There you have it. Boykin has all kinds of physical talent, but he has not to this point developed into a efficient, skilled receiver; and you have to wonder why not?He only played in 26 college games, starting in only half of them. He has no idea how to read a defense, work a CB or even basic nuances of route running yet he still caught 59 ball and had 8 TDs; all with very poor QB play. He makes contested catches, receptions where he gets hit soundly and still holds onto the ball. He would be a red zone target right away for any team, and if he can develop you have a game breaker.So what do you think?And as always GO JETS2018 New York Jets Coverage Stats: Week 5 The Jets defense bounced back after an embarrassing outing in Duval County, allowing only 16 points to Case Keenum’s Broncos. For the most part, the coverage performance was strong across the board.Let’s take a look at the numbers!Previous editions: Pre 1, Pre 2 Brian Poole Jersey , Pre 3, Pre 4, W1-DET, W2-MIA, W3-CLE, W4-JAXRULESThe coverage numbers include only legitimate targets into the general area of a receiver/defender; throws in which a defender in coverage was directly involved the outcome. Throwaways and deflections at the line are excluded.The stats for each individual are that of the quarterback’s passing numbers when targeting the individual’s matchup. A player could receive coverage credit even if a teammate finished the play. For example, against Denver this season, Morris Claiborne tipped a pass in this direction that ended up being intercepted by Marcus Maye. I credited Claiborne with that interception.Penalties and pass breakups counted are only those accumulated in coverage. Penalties/PBUs picked up on blitzes, or penalties tackling another player’s responsibility, are not included.“Burns mitigated by opponent miscue,” or “miscues” (M) are included in charting to attempt to knock defenders who benefited from an egregious error by the offense (drop, horrible throw) and give perspective to the validity of their raw stats. A defender can still register an interception or incompletion to his credit on a miscued play.First, here’s a look at each targeted player’s total numbers in coverage against Denver.Next, let’s take a look at the coverage numbers broken down by individual player-video station.-player matchups and man coverage video station. zone coverage. Opponents who saw targets lined up both inside and outside are listed twice.Some takeaways from the numbers:It looks like an awful game from Darron Lee in the box score, but most of the production he allowed came in garbage time. They were still mistakes independent of the fact the Jets were playing soft prevent defense Womens Steve McLendon Jersey , but this game was not as bad as it looked for him.Interesting game from Morris Claiborne. He saw an absurd 12 targets in this game. On those, he was a mixed bag, but overall he provided more good than bad. He broke up a ridiculous 4 passes (more than any other Jet has on the entire year), with one of them ending up in the hands of Marcus Maye. While Claiborne allowed 5 first downs, a couple of those were in garbage time, and on the whole he allowed less than 6.0 yards per attempt. He has had a very good start to the season.Maye allowed a touchdown to Courtland Sutton early in the game, but settled in afterwards. He made a bunch of great plays in zone coverage, overall yielding only 26 yards on 5 targets. After a rusty game in Jacksonville and poor start against Denver, Maye spent the final 3.5 quarters of this game looking like the player Jets fans have been itching to see.Parry Nickerson has had a rough start in man coverage. He allowed two big gains in this game playing man-to-man. On the year, he has allowed 3 first downs and 83 yards on 6 targets in man coverage compared to no first downs and 31 yards on 6 targets in zone coverage. His cover fundamentals are very raw, but he has flashed using his athleticism and that click-and-close ability in zone situations.Quality game from Avery Williamson in coverage. A season high 5 targets for him, and he allowed only 14 yards and 1 first down, which came in garbage time. While his coverage responsibilities are not as difficult as Lee’s, you can’t help but appreciate that he has only allowed 84 yards and 6 first downs over 5 games playing every single down.I thought Darryl Roberts was a bit underrated last season but he has been toast so far this year. In addition to the 60 yards and 3 firsts he allowed, including a big touchdown to Demaryius Thomas http://www.jetslockerroom.com/authentic-darryl-roberts-jersey , Roberts was lucky not to be tagged for a 40+ yard gain on another play that was wiped out by a questionable offensive pass interference.FILMMorris Claiborne got his hands over the football in this game, and nearly had a couple of interceptions of his own. Here (top), Claiborne is all over the out route run by Emmanuel Sanders and gets two hands on the ball. 3 of Claiborne’s 4 breakups in this game came matched up against Sanders.Fans love to call out Buster Skrine, and sometimes it is deserved. However, it can be tough to realize that a player is starter-quality until he is replaced by a sixth-round rookie.Parry Nickerson has great athletic traits, but clearly has a ways to go until he is a viable man cover slot corner in the NFL. He follows Daesean Hamilton across the formation and takes him in man coverage. Nickerson bites very hard on the outside step and opens up towards the sideline. Easy money to the middle of the field.Marcus Maye allowed the first touchdown of the game that put the Jets behind 7-0. Maye (deep middle) has Sutton passed off to him by Williamson, and is in decent position to defend the in-breaking route. However, once Sutton comes out of the top of his route and begins breaking for the corner of the end zone, Maye gets caught looking at the quarterback and missteps, allowing enough separation for Keenum to complete a tight throw for the score.Maye did quite a bit to make up for that touchdown. Here, responsible for deep routes towards the middle of the field on the defense’s left side, Maye (deep safety on defense’s left side) does a great job picking up Thomas and preventing him from getting to this deep pass. Thomas had the full head of steam to blow by Maye and get to this pass in stride, but Maye does a good job getting in front of Thomas and impeding the route without making the contact excessive, and then sticks to him tight down the field.Here is how the Jets are stacking up through five games.

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