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Four more spots in the 2019 NFL Draft order were set with th

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Four More Spots In The 2019 Nfl Draft Order Were Set With Th - Sport

weekendís results Infant Blake Cashman Jersey , and the Raiders now know exactly where theyíll be making their three first-round picks.The Eagles slotted into the 25th spot in the order after yesterdayís loss, followed by the Colts, Cowboys and Chargers.The final four picks will go to the losers of next weekís conference championship games, then the Super Bowl loser and the champion.And since the Cowboys traded their pick to the Raiders in the Amari Cooper deal, the Raiders are now sitting on the fourth, 24th (from the Bears in the Khalil Mack deal) Blake Cashman Jersey Draft , and 27th in the first round.Thatís a lot of valuable real estate for a team that doesnít have a home at the moment, and a good start for coach Jon Gruden and new General Manager Mike Mayock to begin a long rebuild.Here鈥檚 a look at the draft order as it stands after the divisional round games:1. Cardinals 3-132. 49ers 4-123. Jets 4-124. Raiders 4-125. Buccaneers 5-116. Giants 5-117. Jaguars 5-118. Lions 6-109. Bills 6-1010. Broncos 6-1011. Bengals 6-1012. Packers 6-9-113. Dolphins 7-914. Falcons 7-915. Washington 7-916. Panthers 7-917. Browns 7-8-118 Vikings 8-7-119. Titans 9-720. Steelers 9-6-121. Seahawks 10-622. Ravens 10-623. Texans 11-524. Raiders (via Bears 12-4)25. Eagles 9-726. Colts 10-627. Raiders (via Cowboys 10-6)28. Chargers 12-4 Itís almost here! After a bajillion mock drafts, a gazillion hours on NFL Network rehashing the same 40 prospects ad nauseum, the annual underwear athletic festival, five billion comments about how..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Jets StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Jets NewsYahoo Jets Team PageYahoo Jets ReportYahoo Jets Depth ChartYahoo Jets TransactionsYahoo Jets PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁昉ick Six ContestNew,72commentsEDTShareTweetShareSharePick Six ContestKirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsItís almost here! After a bajillion mock drafts Blake Cashman NFL Jersey , a gazillion hours on NFL Network rehashing the same 40 prospects ad nauseum, the annual underwear athletic festival, five billion comments about how thereís no way such and such player falls past such and such point in the draft, and countless articles comparing draft prospects to Hall of Fame players, the real 2019 NFL draft is almost here! So... time for a draft game. The 2019 NFL Draft will take place from Thursday, April 25 Blake Cashman NFL Draft , 2019 through Saturday, April 27, 2019. Everybody and their doctorís dogís second cousin thrice removed has put out mock drafts and speculated on whom their favorite team might take. Letís see how well you can predict the picks the Jets make.The game is simple. List six players you think the Jets will take in the 2019 NFL Draft. No need to identify the rounds they get picked in, and no bonuses for correctly identifying rounds or individual picks; just get the names right. Get a first round pick right and you earn one point. Get a second or third round pick right (again, just the name; no need to get the round right) and you earn two points. Get a 4th through 7th round pick right and you earn three points. So if you correctly pick the Jetsí second round pick, 5th round pick and 7th round pick Blake Cashman Buffalo Bills Jersey , you earn eight points (2+3+3). Get the first, second and third round pick right and you earn five points (1+2+2). Later round picks earn more points because the farther you go in the draft the less certainty there is for the possible picks. Identifying a short list of say ten possibilities at pick #3 is not that difficult and the pick will almost certainly come from that list. Identifying a list of ten names for Pick # 217 is a foolís errand and the pick will almost certainly not come from that list.Sounds simple, right? So letís have at it. The winning entry will get bragging rights as Gang Green Nationís best draftnik for a year, and a yearís supply of my dumbest jokes, free of charge. Who can best read the tea leaves and correctly identify the Jets picks? Leave your selections in the comments. One entry per member, please; in the case of multiple entries all but the first entry will be ignored. No need to pick one for each round; if you prefer the safety of picking all names that might go at Pick #3 in the hopes of getting at least one right Color Rush Blake Cashman Jersey , thatís your prerogative. Also no need to pick unique selections; if you agree with othersí picks, you can still use them yourself. All you draftniks out there, letís see what youíve got.

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