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GREEN BAY Kirk Cousins Jersey , Wis. (AP) ó A tie felt odd to Kirk Cousins.On one hand, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback threw three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to help rally his team from a 20-7 deficit against the Green Bay Packers.But three missed field goals, including two in overtime, by rookie Daniel Carlson hurt. So did a pass from Cousins that bounced off Laquon Treadwellís hands late in the fourth quarter that was intercepted by Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.It added up to a 29-29 tie on Sunday.ďI donít know what to feel after a tie. I donít know how to answer that,Ē said Cousins, who finished 35 of 48 for 425 yards. ďItís a unique place to be and proud of the way that the whole team Ö the way everybody stayed in it and fought.ĒIf only the Vikings could convert one of those field goals into points.Carlsonís 35-yarder as time expired in overtime went right of the uprights, just like his kick from 49 earlier in overtime. Carlson also missed from 48 in the second quarter.ďItís disappointing when youíve got an opportunity to win the football game there at the end and you come up with a tie. Itís better than a loss,Ē Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said.The result at Lambeau Field overshadowed memorable performances by both quarterbacks.Green Bay star Aaron Rodgers played with a brace on his injured left knee and threw for 281 yards and a 9-yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams .But a mishandled handoff with 5:17 left in overtime cost the Packers a chance at another long field-goal attempt. Rodgers recovered the fumble on second-and-1 at the 37, and he was sacked on third down to push Green Bay back to the 47.He wasnít happy about the tie either.ďClose to an ĎL.í Doesnít feel great,Ē Rodgers said.Packers kicker Mason Crosby matched a career high with five field goals, but his potential game-winner from 52 went wide left as time expired in regulation.It was the second straight week with a tie in the NFL after the Steelers and Browns played to a draw in their opener.ďItís gross. I donít like it. Obviously, you hate losing. A tie is just weird,Ē Crosby said.Some other notes from the game:RODGERSí KNEERodgers played well given his injury. He was sacked four times, though the protection held up relatively well, especially early in the game. While he didnít have his typical mobility that allows him to buy time for receivers, he was able to move around enough to scramble out of trouble on occasion. Operating out of shotgun or pistol formations also bought Rodgers more time.The quarterback isnít sure whether he might follow a similar practice plan ahead of next weekís game against the Washington Redskins, though he said he expect to play each week. Heís not sure if the injury could linger all season.JUST FOR KICKERSCarlson said he thought it might have been the first time he had missed three field goals in a game. The last attempt from 35 was set up with the ball placed between the hash marks, but Carlson still missed. Asked if he had to make a decision on a new kicker, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said ďI donít know. Itís too early. (General manager Rick Spielman) and I have barely talked yet.ĒJUST FOR KICKERS IICrosby almost had six field goals, but his first, successful attempt from 52 at the end of the regulation was erased because the Vikings called timeout right before the snap.ROUGHING ITEverything seemed to go the Vikingsí way in the fourth, when they rallied from a 20-7 deficit. Until that point, the Packers had put together the kind of complete performance needed to support Rodgers, who got hurt in Green Bayís opening victory against Chicago. After getting a step on his defender Adrian Peterson Jersey , Adam Thielen hauled in a 22-yard touchdown pass from Cousins with 31 seconds left just before a safety came over to help. A 2-point conversion tied the game at 29.The drive included a roughing-the-passer penalty on Clay Matthews that negated an interception by Jaire Alexander with 1:45 left that would have allowed the Packers to run out the clock.ďI donít know where to start, to be honest with you. I have so many emotions running through as far as what a terrible call it was,Ē Matthews said. ďAt the same time, I donít know what else to do.ĒReferee Tony Corrente said the call was not related to the new helmet-to-helmet rule.ďHe picked up the quarterback and drove him into the ground,Ē Corrente told a pool reporter.ALL TIED UPAccording to the NFL , this is the first time since 1973 that there were two ties in the first two weeks of the season. The Lions-Packers game, along with the Eagles-Giants game, each ended a tie in the second week that year. Itís also the first time in league history that a game ended in a 29-29 tie. Another O-lineman is added, and the front office broadens the search to overseas as they seek to find new talent"Merry Tuesday, everyone!Hey, the Vikings signed another offensive lineman yesterday, and while it wasnít a big-named signing, it did add one more player to the O-line group, and it is being reported that there are officials in the Vikings front office who have mentioned the possibility of the team actually having enough linemen to field an entire five-man position group by opening day. While that sentiment is definitely not the majority view, there were at least two in the Vikings FO who mentioned the long-shot possibility. One official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, also provided some reassurance to the growing number of fans who are expressing concern about the O-line. ďFans need to remember that these guys are athletes. In t-ball, if you donít have enough guys to field an entire team, you just go without a rover and play three outfielders. Heck, those kids donít complain, and they arenít professional athletes,they donít get paid, and they cover a LOT of ground out there. If they can do it, you can bet that our guys can do it. If we only have four linemen on opening day John Randle Jersey , those four men will be ready to go, theyíll go the extra mile and do a bit more running if thatís what it takes to win. They donít even have that much ground to cover when you think about it.Itís nowhere near as hard as being a center fielder on a day when there are only two guys playing outfield. You ever see that? Man, those kids run their tails off. These O-linemen only have a small space to cover, it wonít be a problem at all. I honestly donít know why we feel the need to use five guys for that little area, anyway. I mean, theyíre big and all, but they arenít all slow. Iíll tell you what, some of those guys can really move when they want to. No, you tell those fans that weíre going to be just fine, theyíre worrying over nothing. If they donít believe me, they should just go watch a t-ball game in some small town on a day when only 8 kids show up for a game. You watch how those kids go out there and play, and youíll know what Iím talking about.Ē(None of the above is true, to the best of my knowledge, other than portions of the first sentence or two, and that isnít really guaranteed, either. The entire rambling paragraph was the creation of a mind that is tired, but is also attached to a stubborn human that is still in a good mood, despite the fatigue.)Around the DN since our last open thread:As mentioned above, the Vikings re-signed C/G Brett Jones, per Warren. See? Warren must have heard that same anonymous front office guy, he has Jones playing the C/G position. Thatís all you have to do when you only have four linemen. Instead of having a center and two guards, you just have two guys play C/G. Simple fix.MarkSP18 is the GM of the Vikings in the 2019 SB Nation Community Mock Draft. Vikings folks were in attendance at a workout for international prospects, from Chris. Chris continues to maintain your Vikings Free Agency tracker.Vikings news from other sources, news from around the NFL Alan Page Jersey , and anything else I can find.At Vikings.com, Wobby opens the Monday Morning Mailbag, and the guys on the NFLN project the NFL ceilings for the top O-line prospects in the 2019 draft.From the rumor mill on SI.com, Gruden and Mayock may be looking for Carrís replacement, and we may see more big NFL trades prior to draft day.We come to todayís media selection:As Vikings fans, itís true that weíve had some......rough endings to seasons. However, itís also true that we have had the pleasure of cheering for Vikings players who were the absolute best of their time, or possibly, the best to ever play their positions. Guys like Moss, Carter, and the guy in the video below. He is one of our players from the recent past who is easily an all-time top 10 running back, and was THE best to play the position when he was wearing purple and gold. Adrian Peterson was a lot of fun to watch, enjoy!Again, we all know the rules, but in case someone is new:No discussion of politics or religionNo feeding of the trollsThis isnít a male version of The View, so leave the gender hatred at the doorKeep the bad language to a minimum (using the spoiler tags, if you must)Speaking of which, if discussing a newer show or movie, please use spoiler tagsNo pictures that could get someone fired or in serious trouble with their employerIf you canít disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go awayWhile navigating the open thread, just assume itís sarcasmWith that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up and tie one on. Donít forget to tip your waitress, and try the chitlins.

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