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Car Crash Articles Autos Articles | March 3 cheap nike air vapormax flyknit 2018 , 2006
The media play an important role in creating awareness of the dangers of car crashes among the general populace. One of the most effective media is the press, which promptly carries articles on any ca...

The media play an important role in creating awareness of the dangers of car crashes among the general populace. One of the most effective media is the press, which promptly carries articles on any car crash incident cheap nike air vapormax flyknit , sometimes providing detailed information and precautionary measures to be adopted by other drivers.

Car crash articles are usually short pieces of journalism and are written in a more in-your-face style. The language is stark, but it elaborates on the victim as well as the culprit\'s frame of mind and physical capacity during the accident. Details as to whether the driver was drunken or drugged or breaking any road safety rules are clearly mentioned. The make of the car and the location and time of the crash are also important mentions in the article. Usually these articles are accompanied with photos of the deceased or the injured person. These photos are selected from among many in order to evoke sympathy towards the victim. Photos of the culprits are rarely printed. Sometimes remarks from the victim\'s family members find place in the articles. Remarks from injured people and bystanders are also used in the column.

Pictures of the crash are used depending on what kind of a newspaper the article is carried in. In a family paper liable to be read by kids, pictures of the crashed car may be published cheap nike air vapormax 2018 , but not gruesome pictures of blood and gore. The print media is restricted by legislation to print gory pictures. However, a picture of the thoroughly mutilated car is enough to arouse sentiment among the readers of the article.

Car crash articles are mostly published on the inner pages. Tabloids and Sunday newspapers may even allot a whole page to these articles with in-depth analyses and comments of experts. With each article, there is a warning to the people about the disastrous consequences of car crashes.

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