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Reasons to Reduce Stomach Fat
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Cancer can be one of the more serious health issues associated with belly fat. More obese people are diagnosed with colon, kidney Cheap Jerseys From China , and breast. Many more malignant cancers occur in people with belly fat. For this reason, it is important to reduce the amount of stomach fat.

Many studies have been done to investigate the link between dementia and belly fat. More people with visceral fat have been found to be more prone towards having dementia. The studies also found that the greater the size of the belly, the worse the dementia. A person who works to reduce stomach fat decreases ones likelihood of developing dementia.

Diabetes is one of the biggest and most known health risks associated with stomach fat. People with diabetes have cells that cannot manage and use the body鈥檚 insulin properly. Diabetes is a difficult health condition and can lead to more severe health problems. In some cases Cheap Jerseys China , this even results in amputation of limbs. This is another important reason to reduce stomach fat.

Other health issues that may not be as big of a concern but can be contributed to the amount of stomach fat a person has includes loss of energy, breathing difficulty, headaches Cheap Jerseys , and fatigue. To reduce these, and many other risks it is important to reduce stomach fat because, more than anything else Wholesale Basketball Jerseys , excess fat is often found to be the biggest cause of these diseases.

These reasons all support the fact that we all need to minimize fat storing foods from our diet and make a few simple changes to our daily life to reduce stomach fat. Diana Wooden
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