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Maurice Lacroix Aikon Venturer 38mm watch AI6057-SS00F-150

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Venturer 38mm watch AI6057-SS00F-150


Hublot and London-based tattoo studio Sang Bleu have launched three ceramic timepieces-three limited edition Big Bang watches to explore new areas of color.Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire

Their three new works: Hublot and Sang Bleu are igniting their creativity to create a colorful new trio. The new Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic watch will now be available in blue, gray and white. Relying on the technical achievements of successfully creating perfect and uniformly colored ceramics, Hublot has introduced a watch architecture that continues to go against the traditional.

"Since the launch of Sang Bleu II all black last year, we have opened the door to ceramic production for models that have been developed with Sang Bleu for five years. These three new versions go further. They are a logical continuation of the original version of All Black. , And opened up new perspectives on the work, and these perspectives still maintain their uniqueness, and here we see its three-dimensional structure from a new perspective."replica Richard Mille watches

"It is an honor and honor to be able to cooperate with manufacturers for a long time. Hublot and Sang Bleu have been promoting the development of art and watchmaking since 2016. This freedom allows us to continue to explore New innovation. These three Big Bang Sang Bleu II versions are the fresh fruit of this labor. After introducing these three ceramic colors, you will have a new understanding of the structure of the dial, hands, and case. Each single product The experience and impact of the watch are brand new, opening up a new perspective on how the clock is completed and the identity of the wearer."

The Big Bang Sang Bleu II designed by Maxime Plescia-Buchi and Hublot has sharp angles and a sculptural case like multiple facets engraved on a diamond, with amazing and shocking capabilities. Combining the creativity of the tattoo artist and the technical expertise of the manufacturer based on Nyon, the work exhibits a radical and complex design that requires careful observation to fully appreciate its multidimensional appearance. The case, bezel, middle of the case, strap and dial all have their own geometric shapes and at the same time have seamless fluidity.high quality replica watches

With these new gray, blue and white versions, Big Bang Sang Bleu II shows a new temperament. The gray ceramic version of the work has a modern feel, reminiscent of the large urban buildings in the center of most cities in the 21st century. The gray shades again illuminate the ceramics, steel, titanium and aluminum, strongly emphasizing the profound architectural design of Big Bang Sang Bleu II.

The blue ceramic version clearly shows the name of the work-royal blue, which echoes the word "blue blood" and is used in historical documents to describe the nobles of descent. Between day and night, both light and shadow can blend tones perfectly. This is a real technical feat for materials that are difficult to master like ceramics, and it is always easy when fired at very high temperatures. Subtle changes have taken place.fashion replica watches

Here, like the gray version, Hublot and Maxime Plescia-Buchi developed a method to make the main color of the work echo the white color and the luminous index and pointer. The geometric structure of the pointer is presented with all its complexity, whether in continuous motion or in constant hypnosis, a complete work with perfect alignment and symmetry is formed in the short moment of noon.

The third version looks very simple, but very mysterious. The all-black version of the mirror image released last year, this "all-white" version has dazzling lighting effects, instead of the original shadows. The multi-faceted structure of the bezel, case and strap allows you to examine more closely to appreciate the subtle angles and curves of the work this wholesale replica watches is a powerful creation, a light beam that can be worn like a mark The tattoos of Maxime Plescia-Buchi are worn on the skin and used in his graphic art.

These new "Big Bang Sang Bleu II" will be issued in a limited edition of 200 pieces. They all share a 45 mm case made entirely of high-tech ceramics and equipped with a UNICO Manufacture automatic chronograph. This model is completely internally developed by Hublot's engineers and watchmakers. It includes 330 components and is equipped with a flyback function, providing a 3-day power reserve. Each piece is equipped with its corresponding rubber strap, and is equipped with a one-button system, which can be replaced immediately without any tools.replica Franck Muller watches

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