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Title page of your writing assignment

Title Page Of Your Writing Assignment - Videogiochi

The diploma project is the student's graduation work, which summarizes the results of his scientific activities throughout the entire period of study.Its structure is represented by several required structural elements.The first of these is the title page.

Special requirements are imposed on the design of the title page of the thesis.The first page is the "face" of the project, the first thing that the members of the commission pay attention to.It contains basic information about the work and its author, as well as the project supervisor.

The title page must be drawn up in accordance with methodology.In addition, the methodological manuals of different universities may have their own recommendations for the design of the first sheet of a student's qualification work.That is why, before starting work and write my paper, you need to carefully study all the rules and regulations.

This article was created in order to help graduates of higher educational institutions in the design of the title page of the diploma project.

Norms and rules regulated by methodology

When designing the first page of a diploma, it is important to comply with the requirements regarding not only content, but also formatting (font, borders, line spacing, etc.).

According to methodology, at the moment there are such requirements for the design of the title page of the thesis:

  1. Printing is carried out on A4 paper. It must be unilateral.

  2. The font style is Times New Roman.It should be the same not only within one sheet, but throughout the text of the thesis.

  3. The orientation of the sheet is vertical.

  4. Alignment of the text - in width.

  5. Line spacing - 1.5 points.

  6. Sheet margin parameters - 3 cm for the left, 1 cm for the right, 2 cm for the top and bottom.

All the necessary parameters must be set before writing the work.

Also pay attention to the following points:

  • the title page does not need to be numbered, it is considered the first by default, the pages are counted from it;

  • the title of the work must be highlighted on the page using capital letters and bold;

  • to select structural elements, you cannot use a space or tabulation - in this case, you need to use the tools of the MSWord program.

On this page, as on the others, in no case should there be spelling and semantic errors (for example, incorrect indication of the position and academic degree of the supervisor), as well as typos and corrections.

The design of the title page does not depend on the specialty of the student. The general rules for filling and formatting it are the same for all universities and areas of study. If you want to find more deep guides on formatting, pay attention to https://paperwriter.pro/ service, they provide very usefull guides.


If you have to write a thesis and design it in accordance with the requirements of methodology and the department, then you need to tune in to a long process: the work requires attention and time.

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